Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – The Power of Kindness

Name: Sammy Ginsberg
From: Greenwood Village, CO
Grade: 11th grade
School: Cherry Creek High School
Votes: 2

my freshman year of high school I have been volunteering in an
organization called Friendship Circle. This non-profit serves to
promote interaction between typical teens and special needs teens.
Every volunteer is paired with a special needs kid and the purpose
is to foster a friendship. I have learned more from Spencer, an
autistic boy I met through this organization, than I could have
learned in any traditional classroom setting.

has a genuine love for life that I haven’t witnessed in many other
people. Despite all of the daily challenges that come with being
autistic, he is the happiest person I have ever met. His response to
any question usually includes something about how “today is a happy
day.” He also knows the importance of kindness. I once watched him
play in a special needs basketball game and I remember he spent the
whole game pushing a girl in a wheelchair.

lessons that Spencer has taught me are invaluable. His passion for
life is contagious, and I feel that I have become a more down to
earth person because of him. His constant display of kindness,
whether it be holding the door open for people at a movie theater or
pushing a girl in a wheelchair for the entirety of a basketball game,
has taught me the true importance of kindness. And mostly, his
persistent happiness has proven to me that despite the many obstacles
life throws at us, there is always room for happiness.

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