Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Radiating Positivity is Key

Name: Megha Patel
From: Parsippany, New Jersey
Grade: 11th (12th grade now for 2016-2017)
School: Parsippany Hills High School
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Positivity is Key

The time when everyone is looking to go on vacation and spend time
with their friends. However, summer of last year I decided to
volunteer at the nearby senior home for the elderly. The first day I
walked in and I was greeted with warm smiles from everyone. There
were a couple of grandparents sitting outside getting some fresh air
and when I entered there were more just sitting on the couch and
watching t.v. together. I walked in looking for my advisor who was
going to explain what I was going to be doing every time I come.
After locating her office I she told me to go to the lounge area and
call the grandparents for Bingo. Every Tuesday was Bingo night for
everyone. I rolled some of the grandparents that wanted to play in
and helped them get comfortable. Then, went on to laying their cards
and chips on the table in front of them. Every game we would play
until we get about 5 winners for the night. They always got excited
when I went to call them to play. I enjoyed seeing them smile when I
said, “Who wants to play Bingo?” I used to go every Tuesday’s
and Thursday’s from 5-8 o’clock for the whole summer. My
responsibilities included of making sure everyone is safe and happy.
Also, that they are having a good time with whatever activity they
are engaged in.

feel that there was never a challenge while I volunteered there.
Everyone was always friendly and understanding. It made it feel like
home. I never dreaded going to volunteering. I have received the most
satisfaction knowing that I can make a difference in their lives.
Even if it was for about 3 hours two days a week. I felt that I was
able to connect with them. In addition, I was able to play
interactive games with them. Also, decorate their lounge area for
each holiday made me feel special because I had the opportunity to
bring a smile to the grandparents face when they came out of their
rooms and saw the decorations. I felt satisfied knowing that I was
able to make them happy. I have learned many thing during my
volunteering time at the senior home. The main thing being that it’s
important to give back and make others happy. I felt very blessed
that I had the opportunity to give back to the elderly and bring a
smile to their face. I learned that it’s not always about me,
myself and I. It is about the people around me. It is about how I can
radiate positivity into the society around me.

since I was younger I have always wanted to become a doctor. Over
time I made my decision on becoming a Physician Assistant. I want to
be able to give back to the society as much as possible. And I
thought what better way than to become a physician assistant and help
those in need. I want to be surrounded in a workplace where I am
around people who connect with me and I am able to connect with them.
I want to be able to be the one people lean on for support. I want to
be the one guiding people in the right direction. I want to be the
person who people come to for help. I want people to know I am always
here to help.

strongly believe that in ten, twenty, or even thirty years I would
have made a difference by radiating positivity to every person I see.

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