Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Restoring Humanity

Name: Jesus Millan
From: Winton, CA
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April, 2017

Developing Futures Scholarship

believe digital communications like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and
YouTube has impacted the way businesses interact with their customers
in a positive way. With digital communications businesses can promote
their service or product directly to customers. A customer can be
doing their own thing of liking and an ad could come up for example
on YouTube and they might be pursued to go out and buy the product
they’re advertising or go out and get the service advertised. The
customer or potential customers can get a little taste of what the
business is offering. It’s up to the customer if they go out and
get more information, either way the businesses are attracting more
people using these platforms as advertisers.

today’s society mostly everyone uses the internet for a reason, it
doesn’t matter what you use the web for its guaranteed that as soon
as you press “Enter” on any search history, there will be an
advertisement of anything. Mostly advertisements are based on what
products you have been looking up in the past or sometimes they are
random but you are more attracted to that product because it will be
right by the side of a video, search engine results or your social
medias. The digital communications expose you more to all these
things that businesses are trying to get to you. I personally
encounter multiple announcements or advertisements of whatever
product or service I had been looking at before and most of the time
it does catch my attention and I go and check it out.

can improve the way they use digital communications in the future by
not repeating over and over something that you had already seen. For
example at times when I am watching YouTube and a movie advertisement
comes on and a few videos later it comes on again, I am positive that
I am not the only one that get annoyed at it. It should be able to
know if you click on the advertisement the first time since your web
history is always being tracked. If you are not interested and you
don’t click on it or let the whole advertisement play it should
know you are not interest on it. After that the advertisement should
know that you are really not interested and stop repeating over and
over the same thing.

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