Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Sacrifice for Smaller Souls

Name: William Fung
From: Manhasset, New York
Grade: 10
School: Manhasset High School
Votes: 0

Volunteer is a person who devotes some of their own precious time for
another or multiple people in need. Volunteers also usually end up
much happier than those who get paid to do the same work. But when
people usually think of volunteer work, they think they have to do
something big, such as donating an organ or helping out in the
Salvation Army. But that simply isn’t the case, since volunteer
work is simply just a sacrifice of his or herself for another. I have
been volunteering in the Children’s Ministry of the Community
Church of Great Neck.

choose to volunteer for Church services simply because I go to the
CCGN every Sunday. But I have also been going to this church my whole
life, and I thought I should repay it back by serving in the
Children’s ministry and Choir. I have been volunteering every Sunday
for an hour each, and most of the time the annual average is around
35 hours. In the Children’s ministry, my role is to play the piano
and to lead the children in worship songs. We would practice songs
for certain days such as Easter, Christmas, and Mother’s Day, and
we would perform in front of the English, Chinese (Mandarin) and
Cantonese Congregations. With these performance songs, we would also
practice songs that would pass the time and have fun with. I would
get a great deal of satisfaction when I see that they (and I) have
performed well at the congregation. But it also makes me smile
whenever I walk into the room, even though I would get annoyed
whenever I have to quiet certain children, which is challenging since
I don’t enjoy frowning at children. I’m also a little shy, so I
make sure that I prepare everything well since I can’t improvise as
well as other people can. From this, I have learned how to lead a
choir (even if they are children) and how to take charge. I have also
learned how to be patient and open-minded since it is hard for
children to be either of those traits.

I think that the activities that the children do in the small room
shows potential for them. As they grow up, out of the forty that are
there, maybe one of them could grow up having a passion for singing
or music. Maybe one of them could grow up to be in an adult choir, to
be a solo singer or to play another instrument. Maybe one of them
could even grow up to carry on the volunteering role of leading the
Children’s Ministry. This idea of looking forward is to plan ahead
and to look towards the future, and I do that by changing the lives
of children, which changes their world and the world around them. If
I were to come back to the church after I pass the role down, I would
hope to see different faces but the same smiles in the room.

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