Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Service over Self

Name: Amore' Evans
From: North Charleston, SC
Grade: Juinor
School: Palmetto Scholars Academy
Votes: 0

over Self

the course of High School I have put at least 700 hours of community
service and engaged in many community service projects that have
ultimately chosen my major. My dream job of being a paramedic is not
in tune with the areas that I have volunteered but it is in tune with
the reasoning behind why I volunteer. I have volunteered feeding the
homeless, playing basketball with a special needs team, creating
clothing bags for youth, collecting and distributing Christmas gifts
for youth who have lost a parent, and a local church as a musician
and camera operator. My responsibilities varied from having to put a
spoonful of food on a plate, to meticulously mapping out and keeping
track of what gifts went where.

looking to me means that you are doing things now that would
ultimately impact your or someone else’s future. I see me
volunteering, as forward looking because one thing you do for someone
can have a forever lasting effect on their life and the people in
their lives. For me personally, knowing that I have positively
affected someone else’s life for a second, minute, day, or lifetime
gives me the most satisfaction and drive to continue volunteering;
with that I will always take from volunteering that you have to power
to unconsciously give others permission to let their light shine when
you let your light shine.

my volunteer activities I hope to see the world become a more
positive and caring place, where everyone is willing to help their
neighbor and community. I think that if I came back in a few years my
volunteer contributions would have made a difference in the lives of
the people who I have interacted with, because that is my motive
whenever I look for a volunteer opportunity. When I am looking at a
volunteer activity I ask myself “Who will the help/affect?”, “How
will this affect them?” and “Is the affect long term or short

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