Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Shaping The Younger Generation

Name: Sydney Nalley
From: Clarksville, Indiana
Grade: 12
School: Silver Creek High School
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choose to volunteer my time working with children, whether that means
I am working in the nursery, babysitting, assisting in the preschool
Sunday school class, or collecting items to donate to after school
programs. I have had experience working with children younger than me
since I was eight, and my passion for educating children has only
grown since then.

times a month I am can be found volunteering my time; playing and
giggling with kids of all ages. Caring for children requires
compassion, creativity, patience, and firmness. These attributes are
all essential when leading children because they are simple
imitators. At this age, children are extremely impressionable and I
want to be a role model to them through my actions and my words.
Sometimes this task is not always simple. It can be difficult to
cater to children because they have limited attention spans. I
believe my creative skills help with these moments of quick boredom,
such as the time I created a cleanup game when the children I was
watching did not want to tidy up their mess. Another issue I face
involves respecting the views of the parents. Every parent has
different views of how their children should be raised and treated at
all times. Some adults do not mind if I need to put their child in
time out or if I feed them a snack, but some do not want me to do
either. This requires me to have strong people skills in order to
communicate with parents appropriately. On the contrary, I find it
quite satisfying when a parent comes to pick up their child and both
people are happy. All of the children I care for should leave with
smiles on their faces, because they have the right to be satisfied by
my care as well.

this position, I have strengthened my leadership skills while also
improving my interactions with children overall. I now best
understand how to handle little ones in all situations. These
improvements will help me think forward. In other words, my volunteer
activities have helped prepare me for my future career as an
elementary teacher. In twenty years I hope that all of the kids I
have spent time with in the past, whether it is in my classroom or a
Sunday school room, will have learned valuable morals or skills from
me. Maybe they will look back and have fond memories of times I
played with them. It is important that leaders take the time to
develop strong connections with children, so they may grow and
blossom into wonderful human beings. As I said, kids are quite
impressionable, and I hope my volunteer hours have helped shape
future generations to come.

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