Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Shine on Kids

Name: Jose Garcia-Tellez
From: Santa Barbara, CA
Grade: 12
School: San Marcos High School
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world is full of riches and power engulfed in various areas. Though,
this power is distributed as if it were street lamps and as if
brightness were the riches. They are brightest where they stand and
very low light or dark in other areas in which the light does not
reach. The biggest thing I can do is invest in the future of those
low light areas. As a High school student, I have chosen to invest in
the future of areas less privileged than mine. I have a passion for
helping kids.

comes in various forms: education, food, water, and emotional
support. I worked for a fully student-run non profit organization in
my city, Kids Helping Kids. It may seem low scale or inefficient due
to being student run, but what we do is not done by any other group
of students in the country. Wanting to be more invested both with my
time and effort, I applied for the position of Chief Marketing
Officer and it resulted in great results. Over the course of 7
months, I was working 20 hours per week attempting to yield the best
results possible. As CMO, I was in charge of everything marketing
that would get people from the community to help us with restaurant
nights, singing talent shows, Winter Ball’s, car raffle tickets and
our biggest event. Various events led up to our biggest event at the
Granada Theatre, where we hold our annual gala. This gala is our
largest source of income and we must invest smart in order to raise a
large amount of money to help kids home and abroad. During my time
volunteering, it was most difficult to get students involved in the
beginning due to lack of motivation and grit. Though, as the gala
grew closer, the students pulled together more and more which worked
out great for our results.

time spent making new friends and knowing that investing time would
help other kids in our community, our country and abroad, was all
great. Being a part of a group of students with the ability to raise
$470,000 for other kids in need was mind blowing especially
considering the short amount of time. Though that wasn’t my
greatest take out of the experience. Through a trip with some others
of the organization, I was able to take a trip to Cuba, which we now
look to add as a potential place of aid. Seeing where, how, and who
my time would be helping was the most incredible experience of a
lifetime. Witnessing how their eyes lit up when a foreigner came to
play games and dance with them. The organization installs water
systems, builds schools, and even buys young girls out of childhood
prostitution. It’s an incredible thing to be a part of and in the
future, with my own income, I will be able to help on a larger scale.

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