Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – A Simple Hi can change your community

Name: Jesus Alvarado
From: Ontario, California
Grade: 12th Senior year
School: Chaffey High School
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this generation as a teen, we hardly participate to make our
community into a better place. We have become more selfish as we only
care about what it has to do with ourselves and the majority tend to
ignore the law or basic rules. The most common aspects that teenagers
do is littering and crossing the street even though cars are passing
through or making a turn. They prioritize themselves which leads them
to become more self-centered compared to the older generations. I
feel that it is important to give back to the community because it
continues the legacy of the previous generations. They helped the
community to make it a better living condition for us who hold the
future in our hands. Youths have the power to make a change and if we
do not react to it, there will never be improvements to ourselves or
the community. This action continues the chain where the new
generations will then have a smoother sailing as we path the way for

others will not only benefit the person that needed assistance, but
oneself as well. Unknowingly, we could be creating a network with
that person who will in the future assist us. I have participated in
several events that are school related. I volunteered to assist
students and parents on their applications which can help them in the
future. A recent volunteer work I participated in was in a program
called Cinderella Dreams. It is program where they give dresses for
those that can not afford them. This program is giving back to the
community as it targets those who can not afford a dress in order for
them to go to prom. I helped set it up and tear it down and
organizing the merchandise as well. There was this one young lady who
bursted into tears as she could not have afforded her dress yet she
got one in this program along with some heels, jewelry, and a makeup
design. Looking at that tearful and radiant smile, I felt happy and
proud to helping out my community. These results help me realize how
impactful our actions are to the community and those around it as
well. It had made me into a more open minded person as I try to
understand their situations without any bias opinions.

activity I participated frequently was serving mass on my local
church.  I did about 3 hours every week on Sunday and it was
convenient for me as I was doing my confirmation class in that
church. I do around 48 hours per year and a challenge was that I
often work which affected my schedule. Overall, it just made me into
a more positive person and more chivalrous. These little actions can
make a drastic difference and it is important to always give back to
the community because without it, we would have not gotten this far
and it will help those of the newer generations. It taught me how it
affects those around you as it creates a more positive atmosphere, so
helping others is the best solution for a better change.

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