Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – The Small Acts of Kindness

Name: Thomas Wejda
From: Berlin, CT
Grade: 11
School: Berlin High School
Votes: 1


powerful organization that I was able to be apart of is the Rotary
Club at my school. Through countless hours of community service, I
was given the amazing opportunity to raise money for local charities
around my community, enabling hope for many. One beneficial activity
that my friends and I were able to complete was through the act of
recycling bottles and cans. Every year, the Rotary Club stations
recycling bins at our local fair, thus supporting the acts of
recycling. Every hour, we would collect recyclable bottles and cans,
which would ultimately help us raise money in order to donate to
various charities. The money collected from the extensive amount of
recycling supported charitable contributions, such as the Shelter Box
Disaster Relief Organization. This supported families who need
immediate help who are left without shelter after a natural disaster.
Ultimately, I was able to contribute to the donation of this
organization, who aid in vital supplies to those who are suffering
without the natural resources to live such a food and water.

through my exposure in my community, this led me to the Feed My
Starving Children Organization. As a volunteer, I was introduced to
the life threatening dangers of starvation that many children faced
in major countries such as Chile, India, Cancun, South Sudan and
Ukraine. As a group of 10, my peers and I were able to create 26 bags
which were filled with rice, soy, nuggets, vegetarian powder and
dehydrated vegetables. Ultimately, we were able to feed 156 children
who were suffering due to starvation. Become visible to this
organization helped me engage in something greater than I ever
anticipated. It was evident that having the opportunity to see how
others lived deviated the way I approached my lifestyle, my
aspirations and my longings. Through the community, I was exposed to
a cause in which impacted over one hundred lives. My commitment to
the Rotary Club allowed me to give my strength in a cause that helped
thousands around the world. After many more packaging events through
Feed My Starving Children, it is evident that it is how we figure it
out what we aspire to be and how we can harness our talents to create
a unique impact of the world.

addition, another community service project in which I participated
in would be my volunteer work at the Newington Rapid Recovery
Rehabilitation Center. For the past two years, I have been able to
engage with residents on a daily basis and become knowledgeable of
the day’s activities. I have been given the opportunity to shadow a
registered nurse, in which I have studied the daily responsibilities
of managing a patient unit. I recognized the importance of each
patients needs and care plan. Becoming an active student in the
community has allowed to to expand my knowledge and learn from those
with extensive knowledge in medicine. As a nurse, Krystyna Swit has
changed my perspective on the medical field. Everyday, I attempt to
seek out something that is helping me complete what it is I want to
do – create an impact on the community around me. Being able to
surround myself with individuals who have the same aspirations as I
do makes my experience of community service that much more enjoyable.
This awe I know will stick with me throughout my life and drive me to
find a way to better the way in which we help others.

I were to return in ten years, I would hope to see that the work that
I began continues to transform. I would like to see that the work I
put in is continuing to evolve and become more creative and advanced.
Small acts such as these can create a volume of chain reactions that
can potentially help those who need it most.

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