Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Take Time to Volunteer

Name: Sarah Tagg
From: Grand Prairie , Texas
Grade: Junior
School: South Grand Prairie High School
Votes: 0

is a unit of measurement. It determines how things turn out by
depicting whether situations and events are either positive or
negative- like in wars or difficult parts of life. It’s how we plan
our days and lives. It’s what people want more of and what is talked
about in almost every part of life. If time is the most important
aspect of life why do we grow to mistreat it?  Mistreat as in
wastefulness and procrastination. Not getting things done in a
“timely manner” or waiting to the last minute.

lives are measured by how much we do in the large amount of time we
have been given to live. What I’ve learned in my eighteen years of
life, so far, is that time has been limited but not completely. How
you chose to live your life and organize your time can conclude how
prepared you are for the rest of the time you have to live on this

have chosen to spend my time by volunteering with Stop Hunger Now.
Almost every second Saturday the warehouse has volunteers come in and
do simple jobs that will help them send their shipments to 52 nations
around the world. The organization is nonprofit and receives food
donations from Hunts and other companies. When I have worked as a
volunteer my jobs were simple tasks like bagging foods and vitamins,
concealing the containments, and boxing the food for shipping. Stop
Hunger Now also tries to reuse and recycle everything that’s
donated to them. They send the empty bags that held food to nations
like Haiti to help them build wells. The bags are used as a lining so
that the water doesn’t get polluted since they don’t have the
resources to properly build water wells.

mission of Stop Hunger Now is more than feeding hungry people. It is
to send food to third world nations and place their bags of food in
schools. They pray that every child that receives food is able to
have an education so that their community can grow and end hunger by
developing skills to enhance their community so that they can be
self-sufficient. Stop Hunger Now believes that with the enticement of
food that children will want to go to school and be more motivated to
have a better future. Their goal is to put an end to hunger by 2030.
The idea that a small bag of food can change someone’s life baffles
me and it gives me the greatest pleasure to be a part of an
organization that personally cares about where they send their
packages too.

organization has given me joy and encourages me to take care of those
around me whether it be food or personal needs. Stop Hunger Now has
taught me that a simple act of showing that you care can drastically
change someone’s life forever. Taking the time and doing small acts
of work can truly change your perspective of the world.

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