Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Teaching and Learning

Name: Julie Grap
From: Hanover, Pennsylvania
Grade: 11
School: South Western High School
Votes: 0

the past 10 years, I have dedicated many hours volunteering for
multiple organizations and at a variety of places from church bible
camps, timekeeping and coaching at my local YMCA, and most recently,
as a student aid in a first-grade classroom. I particularly enjoyed
these forms of volunteering because it allowed me to not only be a
leader but also make an impact on children. Being a group leader in
bible camp was my first exposure to some form of teaching and it made
me want to continue to volunteer with children.

the next 3 years, I dedicated my winter season around 2 days a week
to coaching a youth basketball team. It was one of the most
influential times of my life because it is when I first began to
realize how much I loved being around kids and teaching them. I got
to plan practices and coach game days as well as work with assistant
coaches. As someone who was confused on their future career path,
this opportunity opened my eyes to the possibility of teaching.

senior year is when I started as a student aid in a first-grade
classroom. The opportunity made me realize that my passion is to
educate and teach. Not only do I get to plan and teach lessons, I
also shadow a corresponding teacher who teaches me about classroom
management and how to achieve my future career goals. The biggest
challenge has been learning how to manage a classroom with students
who excel as well as with students who struggle. Although there are
challenges, I have learned that education is what I want to pursue in
college and after college as a career.

volunteer opportunities are forward-looking because it helped me
realize my future. As a student aid, I am in the classroom five days
a week with the students managing the classroom, helping students one
on one, and teaching lessons. This hopefully has left an impact on
students as they prepare to move on to second grade. To me, being
forward looking means that the time and effort that I have dedicated
has left an impact on the future. As someone who wants to be an
educator, a passion of mine is to positively influence students
everyday so that what they learn in the classroom is not just math
and reading, but life skills they can carry with them through their

hope that I will see students from my first classroom years from now
and see how they developed as their own person. With young children,
the biggest impacts and differences are made in the early years of
their life. The time and effort I contributed to the classroom could
greatly affect the students 10 years from now not only academically,
but also through the attitude that I had and the support that I

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