Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – The Constant Need for More

Name: Omar Awwa
From: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Grade: 11
School: Interational Academy
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Constant Need for More

Our world constantly faces many different crises all the time and in each
time period of crisis, people tend to focus on one or two and forget
all the other problems that humanity faces. While recycling and
pollution is a very big topic that is being talked about extensively,
I still do not think that the reaction to that information reflects
what needs to be done, which is that more recycling and reusing still
needs to be done. In order to help with this cause, I volunteered at
my school, along with three other people, to recycle cans every other
school day. Every other day, I would go to every classroom and take
their plastic bottles, collect them all together, and sort them into
three plastic bags; one bag for non-returnables (pop cans and water
bottles – bottles that weren’t accepted in the Meijer store when
recycling cans), another bag for returnables (every other can that
could be recycled), and trash (for all things that weren’t supposed
to be put in the can recycling bin).

I also have been very active outside of school with regards to
volunteering. I have went to Flint, Michigan several times during the
Flint Water Crisis to assist local communities with distributing
water bottles to people in need of water. I have also went to my
local SAMS (Syrian American Medical Society) Warehouse to help
distribute necessities to people in Syria lacking those basic
requirements because of the civil war taking place there. My main job
there is to take all the different types of necessities that we send
to Syria (clothing, medical supplies, etc.) and organize it in a way
so that the leaders there can easily find out where certain materials
are located and to help create more space so that the maximum amount
of supplies can be put there before a truck comes to take it away.
For both of these instances of volunteering, the sense of
self-achievement and pride has been my motivation to keep going to
the warehouse almost every week in my junior and senior years in high

While my volunteering hours vary every week, I always try to put in at
least 3 hours worth of volunteering, whether that is to donate blood
or to assist my fellow peers at school with their classes, or to help
people in the world both in and out of the United States. The biggest
challenge that I had to face has always been to find the time to
volunteer, as I have my schoolwork and a part-time job to cover as
well. However, all of my volunteering throughout the years has been
worth it, because I have have truly learned how to be patient when
faced with different problems, which has also carried over to all
aspects of my life.

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