Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Unnamed Work

Name: Daniel Perez
From: Moreno Valley, California
Grade: 10
School: Canyon Springs Highschool
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Forward Scholarship Essay



area in which I have chosen to volunteer in has no specific name. I
have not affiliated myself with any specific organization either.
Although I have been a part of clubs, I have joined any volunteer
programs. I simply help in any way that I can, when I can, and if I
can. I am seventeen years old, so there is a lot that limits me. I am
no saint either, but I do believe in volunteerism and I think it is a
great thing. I applaud anyone who volunteers. I believe they’re
doing great deeds and hopefully, it is in the name of God. Although I
have never joined a specific volunteer program, I do my best to help.
I believe that doing it is the most important part. It does not
really matter if you write it down and account for it. Volunteer work
is great, and it should be done, in God’s name, by the goodness of
one’s heart. If you want to volunteer because it looks good, well
then you are doing it for the wrong reasons.” Thank you for your
help!” I would say, but that shouldn’t be the cause. Just because
something is not written down or recorded by video, does not mean
that it did not happen. That is one thing that the Youtube stars have
a problem understanding, or maybe they understand it, but they just
do not care. They want the money and the glory. I believe that when
you do something good, you will be rewarded by God. My father always
explained to me that, “Once you brag about your good deed, people
will think good of you and that is your reward.” So when someone
does something good, they should keep it to themselves. Just like
what the bible says in Matthew 6:6 about praying, “But when you
pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who
is unseen. Then you Father, who sees what is done in secret, will
reward you.” I bring up a bible verse because for me, the bible is
truth. The bible is like a rulebook for us. In it, are ways for you
to become an honorable person. Therefore, I do not know how much time
I have given to volunteerism. I think as a volunteer, it is your
responsibility to do it in good faith. You can not and should not
expect anything out of it. Anything that is gained, should be
considered extra and unnecessary. Y biggest challenge as a volunteer
has been being consistent. After volunteering, I get most
satisfaction out of seeing how my help has made that person’s life
easier. One website called is a great way to help out.
Just by practicing a subject, you donate portions of rice to hungry
families. I recommend this site for anyone who wants to start getting

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