Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – volunteeer work

Name: brandon li
From: brooklyn, new york
Grade: senoir in high school
School: new utrecth high school
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          Volunteering is an important part of society and life. Volunteering consist of a
group of people who provide free services for the community. This can
range from cleaning the community, helping the library, community
centers and after schools. These free service help to improve society
when we lack the proper funding to do certain task. Therefore, it can
be the foundation for people who have no job experience or have
nothing to do and want to be productive. This may sometimes be
required by most school for most students depending on the school and
their courses.

           When I first started volunteering I thought that it would be hard and
boring. After attending the first day at the zoo and the after school
it changed my perspective of volunteering at these places. I felt
that was very enjoyable to work with all my friends at these place
and that the work weren’t as hard as I thought it would be.

After volunteering at the Staten Island Zoo and the after-school I have
learned many skills and lessons valuable in life. The zoo’s
employer was Kathy Zito and for the after school the employer was
Tina Guo. While volunteering at both places I have had many
responsibilities given to me. At the zoo, my responsibilities were to
walk around and change the garbage bags when they were full. As for
the after school my responsibilities were to help the children with
their homework and help teach them new vocabulary and math topic
appropriate for their grade. My community service was a positive
experience at both places over the time I volunteered for both
places. As I have volunteered, I felt that it was a positive
experience and would recommend it to others who are looking for
something to do during and free time. Both places offered many
experiences that have helped me to grow and understand that doing
volunteer work can be fun and helpful. When doing the volunteer work,
I was able to work in groups with my friends from school. By
allowing us to work in groups it helps to pass time quicker and takes
our mind off the service that we are preforming. Also, it provides
new experiences that we are not use to or have never tried.

The event at the zoo was called Staten Island Zoo Spooktacular where we
and other kids from school went to help clean up the zoo. We replaced
the garbage bags in the trash cans all over the zoo when they became
full to ensure that the trash does not over fill. I felt that by
doing this would help to inspire other to clean up and teach other to
help later in the future. In addition, I hope that this will help
create more programs that will help keep our community clean and our
earth. While at the after school it was another positive experience.
Their I helped the children understand how to do their homework and
then teach them new vocabulary words and math lesson that they are
learning or appropriate for them. I would recommend this place to
others who like working with children or plan to work with children
later on in their career. By doing this work I felt that I can help
those children who have a harder time learning to better understand
anything they don’t at school. Also, they can receive help here if
they can’t at home where their parents are either busy or don’t
know how to explain it to them. If I could change anything I would
allow for the event to be longer and have a lunch break in between
the time we were volunteering. For the zoo, I would’ve liked to
help setup the event to help prepare the stuff for the event quicker.
I would also like to change the number of hours’ need for this
project. I would change the needed hours to be thirty instead of
twenty-five. I felt that twenty-five hours was to short and should be
extended to be thirty hours. Community service should be required to
all students to help give them experience and responsibility of the
real world. This can also help to prepare them to later have a job in
the future and can be used as a reference later on in life for their

The community service has helped me to grow more as a person after
completing it. This project has taught me as a person to become both
dependent and independent. One example is that I can rely on friends
to help me do this service and I have to depend on myself to find a
way to get to the location of the worksite. It has also taught and
showed me new experiences of doing services for free. Also, I have
never worked at a zoo or cleaned for them before and have learned to
communicate with other. This also applies to the after school where I
learned to improve my communication skill as well social skills. I
have learned to make new friends and work together with people of all
ages and ethnicities. I have also learned to handle different
situations based on the circumstances and to base it on my own
judgement as well.

            As a result of this project I have gained many experiences that will
help me later on in the future. I have gained many skills that may
help me in my future career. I can also use these places as reference
for my resume and can always help out at these places later on in
life. The volunteer work has memorable for me and I will value the
lessons I have learned.

Journey of Volunteering

Island Zoo, 614 Broadway, Staten Island, NY 10310, Kathy Zito

Excel learn center, 71
street 15ave Julie 718-331-8388

Li, Mrs Lombardo, HVS11H, pd3

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