Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Volunteer Experience in the Hospital

Name: Maricar Palado
From: Las Vegas, Nevada
Grade: 11
School: East Career and Technical Academy
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Volunteer Experience

Maricar Palado

have choose to volunteer at my local hospital in town. I volunteered
in the nursing floors while working there. Such as, one of my tasks
is to help out with the CNAs and communicate with the patients and
tasks. I would have volunteered for at least once or twice a week for
up to 4 hours each day. In total, I have volunteered for up to 100
hours. One of the biggest responsibilities that I have done while
volunteering is helping out the patients when needed. Such as,
passing out ice water for them, their food trays, give them snacks,
and many other help when needed. One of the biggest challenges while
working in the hospital is the different patients I get to
experience. Many are different and some can be a little more
challenging than others. Especially with dealing with confrontation,
criticism, and dissatisfaction of service from them. But, at the end
all you have to do is be mature, understand their problems, figure a
solution, and to always be patient with them. Overall, the most
satisfaction I have gain from volunteering is having a good
perspective of what nurses do on the job. Especially seeing the
passion they have for caring for other was a good satisfaction as
well. I have learned a very good lesson of giving back while I
volunteered at the hospital.

Based off of my
volunteer experience it has helped aligned with my career goal
because I am very interested in working in the medical field.
Especially starting off as a CNA, and working my way up from there.
My activities has giving me “forward looking” due to the fact it
helps me move forward and putting me one step closer to success. I
hope in the future I hope to seek to foster more time on giving back
by volunteering around more hospitals around my areas. Also by
donating and giving any help that is needed for hospitals as well.
Not only that, coming back from 10 years from now, my volunteer
activities would have made a difference since it shows how one simple
act can help a big lot in our community. It is good to give back when
needed and just showing others the act of kindness. Therefore this is
my experience from my volunteer experience.

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