Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Volunteer to Bring Cheer

Name: Alexis Marie Bonincontri
From: Lothian , Maryland
Grade: Eleventh
School: Southern High School / Anne Arundel Community College
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Alexis Bonincontri 

17, 2017


to Bring Cheer

community service has taken place mostly at my church. My
family and I do many things to help out
practically whenever the phone rings or there is subtle
mention of needing help around the church. From the earliest of my
life to now I have helped my church in a variety of ways. In 2011 I
was twelve years old and helping out at the vacation bible school.
During this event in the summer, for one week from Monday to
Friday for four hours I would guide and help younger
children of all ages take part in fun religious activities
helping them grow and blossom into wiser and kinder people while they
enjoy themselves. I have done vacation bible school every year ever
since then. Last year which was this most recent I upgraded and took
over a kind lady’s position as the Game Instructor. This
was a wonderful new and challenging position I took on
because I am interested in teaching or having any career
with young children so this would allow me to see which things would
interest each of the age groups that come down stairs each day. I
would do a few simple things such as knocking over
stacked cups such as at a carnival, playing with a parachute, and
trying to compete with other age groups high score at how many
times they could keep an inflated ball in the air without
dropping it. I would save the harder games for the ages such as
third though fifth grade because they simply understand instructions
better to more complex games such as dodge ball with super soft
ball I provided. I have not only helped in all the fun that games
has to offer but I have also helped teach a second
grade class for Faith Formation classes. Each of the
grades of children who attend church take these
classes to become a member of the church or just simply
receive a better understanding of the religion for when they’re ready
to be confirmed into the church in eleven
or twelfth grade. Currently I am helping teach the
preschool class of my dreams.  

volunteer work has made me even more of a warm hearted and
thoughtful person, because of this and the help, love, and
encouragement my family has provided me has made me the positive,
high hoped and spirited person I am. There is plenty
of things that keep me positive and to try to lead others
in the right is this very quote; “Being positive in a negative
situation is not naïve. Its leadership” it’s the very thing
that makes me think of myself and knowing that alone, it makes me
want to be even more positive to be an amazing leader and good
example to all who need it. I always point out another solution to
anyone in a negative situation, say it’s never too late, I
am that person one hundred percent. Many of my friends I
have known have suffered from depression and other issues
physically, along with typical life drama I am always there for them.
I constantly check up on them without thinking and they update me
with all that they wish to talk about as well as even when they just
feel like letting it all out they come to me because they know I
am happy to help. If I don’t help others when I sense they
need it I feel incomplete and it will bother me all day. When I get
in an argument I need to talk until the both of us walk
away happy.  

have learned to be this way through many people I admire dearly
including my past teachers. One of my absolute favorite teachers I
will remember always was my seventh and eighth grade Spanish teacher.
She was so very childish in such a wonderful way. She had Dora the
Explorer all over the classroom, she would play very many educational
Spanish videos and songs to help us learn that were also very
comical. She always pushed everyone in such a cheery way to get work
done and that she would be proud of us and always had the best
positive reinforcement to provide which is why I could say she felt
like a mother to me. My mother provides the same joyful bursts and
excitement in her actions therefore she will always be one of my
favorite teachers who I have not only learned Spanish from but I have
learned how to talk to people, reward others. Whether
it is materialistic or verbally, no matter the age of
a person it is a wonderful gift to people who have
done something and are proud of or are unaware of
something good they have done it is important for me to spot that
and congratulate them on doing so. Having so many problems
in the world that affect people so negatively is such a horrible
thing and when I look at all the negativity the world has to offer I
honestly try to think of a solution to everything. This seems to be
how I have always been even as a child, I would think of the usual
bad things any child would death for example, yes I would get
upset any child would but I thought of good things I was
told, I was taught and what are true. That when people pass they
are at peace, happier, better. Many of these things are the ways that
would help me cope with the passing of loved ones. The attitude from
my favorite teacher(s) and mother, my favorite quote, and
all my volunteer work has helped me be able to cope and be a leader. 

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