Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Volunteer Work or Care for the Community?

Name: Alexis Johnson
From: Chicago, Illinois
Grade: 11th (12th 2016-2017)
School: South Shore International (Will be attending DePaul University in Fall 2017)
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Youth Forward Scholarship

Work or Care for the Community?

Over my high school years, I have tried to very hands on while still
making sure that I stay on top of my school work and outer duties. I
have mainly focused on homelessness, anti-bullying, and youth
tutoring. I felt as though these are important topics that need to be
carefully evaluated within my community. I also feel as though I can
contribute more to those areas. These are also topics that aren’t
mentioned as much as they need to be. Every year I try to at least
hit the 10 hour mark of volunteer work as a way to give back to the
community. As a volunteer, I was either a student representative or I
was able to work in the minor areas due to my age. When I was a
student representative, I was able to speak to people within the
community and share information with them as well. When I played a
minor role, I helped in the homeless dinner with cooking, serving,
and speaking with guests. My biggest challenge with volunteering
would have to be the after fact that whatever work I did, was a
little help, but not as much as I would have liked. However, knowing
that I was there to be apart of such a honorable event, warms my
heart with the most amount of joy. From being a volunteer, I have
gotten the chance to learn that not everyone has the opportunity to
do the things you do and experience what you have experienced. Seeing
the different families and young children so grateful for the
smallest of things really makes you want to run home and thank your
parents for all the hard work they have done and how much they truly
care and love you. Not everyone is as blessed as you would want them
to be, but with the help of you, it is sure to leave an incredible
memory that is sure to last a lifetime. I aspire to be either a
neuroscientist or an engineer. Technically I am giving back to the
community, but not necessarily volunteering. Moreover, I will still
volunteer and try to better the world, but I am more with the ideas
of science and technology. In the future, I see my activities as
“forward looking,” in the sense that I participated in not only
bettering someone in that moment, but I also bettered their life.
With that being said, they will be able to share their stories and
they will be able to have memory that people are there for them and
they really do care to help. The phrase “forward looking,” in my
opinion means an event or act that will leave behind a tremendous
effect on not only the society and community, but the world. The
world has many issues that arise each and every day, whether
intentional or unintentional, our people must strive for change and
actually work for it and not expect it to just appear. As far as
volunteer work, it all starts with one step at a time. I plan to not
only stick with bettering youth and homeless citizens, but to explore
work with animals, elders, and environmental opportunities. As my
leadership is observed, hopefully it will spread throughout the world
and get others to begin their fantastic volunteer adventures. The
smallest of efforts always make a difference. Whether I fed many
people, or tutored children, it made a difference to them and that’s
the greatest feeling ever. With that being said, I do feel as though
all my volunteer work will have paid off and made a difference due to
my attempts and glorious efforts.

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