Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – My Volunteering

Name: Isaiah Castillo
From: Brownsboro, Texas
Grade: Sophmore
School: Brownsboro High School
Votes: 85


I have chosen to volunteer in the Healthcare field. Last summer I
started volunteering at East Texas Medical Center (ETMC) in Tyler, Tx
and I loved it! My application for this summer has already been sent
in and processed. So far I have completed 68 hours of volunteer
work, since I loved doing it, it doesn’t seem like it’s been 68
hours already. My responsibilities were to transport samples to the
laboratory and wheel patients to their destinations. My biggest
challenge has been learning all the different departments of the
entire hospital. Knowing that I have helped get things done for the
patients has given me the most satisfaction. With my position I’ve
learned how to interact with people better and adapt to new positions
and situations. Volunteering has made me so much more compassionate
towards people that are suffering. My interest and career goals are
aligned with my volunteer work because I have decided to be an
Occupational Therapist. The way I can explain this occupation I have
chosen is to have you imagine someone that has been in a terrible
automobile accident and has had major trauma to their body. This
person would need either Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy or
a combination of both. Occupational Therapy is working with
someone’s upper body (above the waist) and Physical Therapy is
working with someone’s lower body (below the waist). The person
may have to learn to use their hands and arms again or they may need
to learn to walk again. Looking forward to me means moving ahead and
doing things better tomorrow than I did yesterday. The change I seek
to foster in the world is that I want people to feel inspired to
volunteer at their local hospitals or whatever way possible they can
make a difference in the world and people’s lives. I think in the
future I would have made a difference because I will put significant
emphasis on volunteering and have other people follow in my footsteps
so they will leave the same legacy as I. I will be an advocate for
volunteerism, I will be a part of Youth that’s Moving Forward!

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