Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Volunteering

Name: Adriana Rodriguez
From: los angeles, California
Grade: 11
School: Bright Star Secondary Charter Acdemy
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volunteer at an Elementary Schools helping the students and teachers
with what they need. Helping out has made me a better person because
when I volunteer, I see that i can help people. Maybe not with the
best in the world but i can help with something and that makes me
happy. Volunteering may be hard because the students do not always
follow instructions but it is okay because someday they will learn.
My responsibilities as a volunteer is to help the students and to be
patient with them. I also do anything the teacher ask me to do. If
they need something printed, i go and print something for them. I
typically volunteer when i have no school and have some free time.
That is typically two days out of the week but i’ve been doing this
since i was a freshman in high school because my school requires
service hours to be done before we graduate. My biggest challenge as
a volunteer has been to have patience because little kids do not
necessarily listen to a person that is older than them. But i have
learned to adapt. The best satisfaction i can get from volunteering
is working with the kids. They are so young and little and someday
they will be out in the world doing right and wrong for the world.
Hopefully it is right but just the thought of them growing up and
going out in the world to offer what they can is the best feeling. In
a way you get to watch them grow, day by day. From this volunteering
position i have learned that not everything comes to you just because
you ask for it. We actually have to earn work for it. The respect i
got from the students was not asked, it was earned. Respect is a big
issue in today’s world because many people do not know what respect
is and with the little kids, i can teach them about respect. I may
not be their teacher but i can also act as a role model or a mentor
to help guide them to the right path.

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