Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Volunteering across the Spectrum

Name: Kiara Spencer
From: Prattville, AL
Grade: 11
School: East Memorial Christian Academy
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Across the Spectrum

Kiara Spencer

Unfortunately, there are too many reasons that people come up with
for not volunteering (I work too hard, too many hours, I’m too
tired, etc.). However, I will provide to you my reasons for not only
why we should volunteer, but also what I have volunteered for and why
I am committed to continuing in the future.

The recent election shows that many people in our population are
hurting, because they feel displaced, forgotten, and neglected right
here in the United States. There are many causes available to
volunteer for. When people are disgruntled, so are those things that
they touch, such as their pets. I happen to be an animal lover, but I
do not only share my time with animals, I also share my time to help
people. However, I really enjoy volunteering for the Humane Society.
The Humane Society is a very important organization that works to
place animals with loving owners and low costs. It works primarily
from donations and adoption fees to fund them. Through this
organization more than 100,000 animals each year are served. It is
making a difference by fighting many animal cruelties such as puppy
mills, animal fighting, factory farming, seal slaughter, horse
cruelty, captive hunts and the wildlife trade.

When I volunteer for the Humane Society, I clean the cages, walk the
dogs, and play with the cats. I started volunteering last summer,
approximately one to two days a week for two to three hours a day. I
want to be able to help every animal out there that has or will ever
be abused. I believe that, like humans, animals have feelings and
personalities. Some people believe that just because animals cannot
speak or really fend for themselves that they do not need the same
privileges. Obviously, I think differently.

I also volunteer to help the underprivileged in Montgomery, Alabama
through supporting Ladies Influencing Freedom and Excellence (LIFE).
My primary duties with LIFE are providing computer technical support.
Recently, LIFE held an event geared towards providing women support
finding jobs and providing information on resiliency, specifically
dealing with and escaping domestic abuse. We also are heavily
involved with the Bellingrath Community Center, focused on mentoring
young people. It feels good to provide support for people and helping
them to help themselves.

One of the coolest volunteer experiences I had, was volunteering at
the Maxwell Air Force Base, Air Show. Since, my mother is in the
military, I learned about this opportunity. I actually drove “the
Wings of Blue” to the airport after they performed. Wings of Blue
is a group of Air Force Academy cadets that train for leadership by
parachuting from aircraft and teaching lower classmen to do the same.
I drove them onto the airfield, where a C-130 awaited and took a
picture with them before they departed.

Although these were all volunteer experiences, somehow they helped me
as well. Though I have not decided which college to attend, either
Auburn University Montgomery or Faulkner University, I plan to
continue volunteering in the community. In fact, Faulkner University,
which is a small private college located in Montgomery, Alabama
requires 20 hours of community service from its students each year.
This is my first step, as an adult to begin my commitment to
long-term life community service. Many young people in the community
already benefit from the services provided by Faulkner students. I am
looking forward to becoming a part of that community and giving back.

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