Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Volunteering builds communities

Name: Cameron Davis
From: Bloomington, IL
Grade: 11th
School: Normal Community High School
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one another is what builds trust, a strong structure, and a safe
environment in communities.

first volunteer experience was with Catholic charities in their
Bloomington Normal Area Program Summer camp. I volunteered for 7
hours five days a week for 6 weeks. It was a revelation for me. I met
many different children that all had their own issues. No matter what
the issue though I understood that each child was important and that
I should treat them equally. Although each child had to be treated a
certain way, some needed more discipline and others needed to learn
how to enjoy life. I soon learned this was a haven for them after a
while. My goal was to make each one of them happy. I could do that
after all the time I spent with them and I also learned what having a
job would feel like. It is one of my favorite experiences of

Advocate BroMenn Medical Center, the role I had there was important.
I had to restock all the supplies the nurses needed in the Pediatric
area. Once that was done, I would go to another section, the atrium.
I would help wheel patients around and make sure they knew where they
were going. I did not talk to many patients because at first I
thought it was unprofessional, but now I know that you should. Some
just need someone to listen to and others need a friend. I hoped to
impact them just as much as they impacted me and they did.

Tuesdays, my junior year, I would play my flute and I hoped it would
relax the patients and the people waiting eagerly in the waiting
room. It did, but I felt like I was not connecting to them so I
bought newer music. I cried when I heard a little boy realize that I
was playing Disney songs that he knew. It made me content that I made
him squeal for joy.

junior year, I was nominated to be a part of the Take the Lead
Program of United Way McLean County. My group gave back to the
community by having children make gifts for their family members and
others in the community. Children make the best gifts because they
don’t look like something you can buy. It’s made from what they truly
feel and gifts from them is like receiving love wrapped up just for
you to open. I was saddened that her again the place (The Boys and
Girls Club) these kids were at was a haven for many of them until
they got home. I was happy at how excited they were to make gifts.

my church, Mt. Zion I have had the opportunity of helping bring
families Thanksgiving baskets so they could celebrate just like many
other families that are blessed.

never realized how much I had taken for granted until I reached out
into the community and saw it for myself.

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