Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Volunteering as a Future Musical Theatre Major

Name: Taylor Gay
From: Panama City, Florida
Grade: 10
School: A. Crawford Mosley High School
Votes: 83

as a Future Musical Theatre Major

and Written by: Taylor Gay

A quick back story: I grew up in a home where no matter what I did, I
was supported heavily, even if a family member or two didn’t agree
with my choices. At a very young age, I made the decision to start
participating in the theatre programs locally because I wanted to
grow in my experience. The passion for the field has only grown more
and more each year since then. When I started high school and needed
to start earning service hours, I knew that in order to make them
count, I didn’t just need to go out and randomly volunteer for
events/clubs just to get a signature on a sheet of paper so that I
could walk to stage in four years. I started with volunteering in the
children’s ministry areas at my church, then I moved on to create a
Christian based club at my school my tenth grade year that was
created to reach out to the school and community and be a helping
hand in any way they needed it. Later, I decided to join the Drama
and I.T.S Club at school which also opened up many other
opportunities to not only volunteer with the school’s program, but
also in the local theatre’s around town.Since starting the club at
school, I’ve had to step down from volunteering at church, but I
participated in that for many years prior. All of these events take
up several hours of my life each week, whenever I’m not in school
or at work, I’m usually participating in one of these. As a
volunteer, my responsibilities range anywhere from setting up and
breaking down set/decorations for club events or shows, spending
Saturday’s in the workshop at school building sets or organizing
the work area, or one of my most recent jobs, working as a costume
changer in a local production. My biggest challenge as a volunteer
has been keeping my patience and realizing that not everything is
going to go as planned and we can only try our best and take
everything in stride. The things that gives me the most satisfaction
doing these things is realizing that this is something I want to do
for the rest of my life, leading people, participating in theatre, I
want to make a career out of it and it’s such a beautiful feeling
knowing that I could be doing this everyday after I graduate. It has
taught me the value of every job and that each thing has it’s
individual importance in order for everything to line up and work out
correctly. All these things align with my future are are considered
“forward looking” to me. What does that mean? To me, that means
that it is contributing to the future and his/hers future career.
Hopefully, the students who are led by me take the same step in
deciding that their decisions in high school should contribute to
their futures in college and adult life.

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