Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Volunteering with the special ed kids that have hearts.

From: OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma
Grade: junior
School: southmoore high school
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absolutely love helping out and volunteering. Especially for the
younger and less fortunate kids. My form of volunteering is with the
special ed kids at my high school. I took the time to have one of my
classes as a helper for the special ed kids and I do that every
single day. Working and Volunteering with them every single day,
completely makes my day. I have grown to have relationships with the
kids and grow a stronger bond. Everytime I see them, It makes me
super happy and i can’t stop smiling. They all have hearts and it’s a
real eye opener to what life is really about. Just because someone
may have a disability, doesn’t mean they aren’t a person. A couple
weeks ago, I helped out the kids and participated in the special
olympics regionals. At this, it helped them qualify for state in
stillwater. This coming up May, We are going to stillwater for a
couple of days for state and we get to stay in the dorms and just
have fun at Oklahoma State University for the Special Olympic State.
I love helping out and volunteering and i’m more than happy to have
helped out. I wouldn’t have wanted to change the experience and life
lessons over anything.

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