Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Volunteering My Time

Name: Tyler Rhone
From: Uniontown, AL
Votes: 0

volunteer for a wide variety of reasons,especially wanting to help
others.But it’s also OK to want some benefits for you from
volunteering. Ever stop by a lemonade stand run by a couple of ten
year olds and you give them $5.00 or $10.00 for a glass of lemonade
and say, “keep the change.” As you see their wide eyes and
hear them running into the house yelling to their mom, “Look at
what we made today,” you walk away feeling better than they do.
A primary reason that people volunteer is that it makes them feel
good. I know that this sounds somewhat “narcissistic”, but
it is a reality of life. In America so many of us are blessed, and we
are doing so very well compared to the rest of the world that we want
to give back. There is hardly a week that goes by that I don’t hear
some celebrity quoted as saying, “I just wanted to give back.”
Although most of us are not multi-millionaire celebrities,we are
still so blessed that we want to give back. Some people are
uncomfortable with the notion that a volunteer “benefits”
from doing volunteer work. There is a long tradition of seeing
volunteering as a form of charity, based on altruism and
selflessness. The best volunteering does involve the desire to serve
others, but this does not exclude other motivations, as well.Instead
of considering volunteering as something you do for people who are
not as fortunate as yourself,begin to think of it as an exchange.
Consider that most people find themselves in need at some point in
their lives. So today you may be the person with the ability to help,
but tomorrow you may be the recipient of someone else’s volunteer
effort. Even now you might be on both sides of the service cycle:
maybe you are a tutor for someone who can’t read, while last month
the volunteer ambulance corps rushed you to the emergency room.
Volunteering also includes “self-help.” So if you are
active in your neighborhood crime watch, your home is protected while
you protect your neighbors’ homes, too. Adding your effort to the
work of others makes everyone’s lives better. Remember that the
motivations you have to select the place to offer your services may
not be the reasons why you stay. Once you’re on the volunteer job,
you will continue to serve as long as you feel that your efforts are
accomplishing something, that your talents are appreciated, and that
you make a difference. And if you also like the people with whom you
work, so much the better! As long as you are truly serving through
your volunteer work, isn’t it wonderful that such an exchange occurs?
In fact, it tends to strengthen your commitment to volunteering when
you can see the benefits to both the recipient of your efforts and to
yourself. And it is much more comfortable than “charity”
because it upholds the self-esteem of those with whom you volunteer.

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