Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Volunteerism

Name: Michaiah Moffitt
From: Fletcher, NC
Grade: Junior in High School
School: North Henderson High School & AB Tech
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Michaiah Moffitt

1 May 2017

Youth Forward
Scholarship Essay


chose to volunteer in the area of the elderly in Henderson County. I
chose this area because my grandpa has been involved in volunteering
through the Council on Aging for two years. While I was completing my
senior project, I completed a total of eleven hours out of the ten
hours needed; since my project has been completed, I complete about
two hours every other week because I have school every day while the
Council on Aging is open.

my service hours I did three things: delivered meals, worked in the
thrift store, and volunteered at the Sammy Williams Center.
Delivering meals were completed the last three Wednesdays of the
month and were completed with my grandpa. Park Ridge Health prepared
these nutritious meals for the elderly in Henderson County and
delivered them to the Council on Aging in order for volunteers to
come pick them up and deliver them to clients on a specific route.
While in the Thrift Store, I organized the clothes that would be
bought to supply funds for the purchase of food from Park Ridge
Health for Meals on Wheels. The final division of my time was spent
at the Sammy Williams Center where I hung out with the elderly that
had no family or friends to take care of them.

biggest challenge as a volunteer was during my Meals on Wheels route.
This challenge included the death of a client. My grandpa and I
arrived at the house with the hot meal and knocked on her door to
find out she did not come to it. We waited for about ten minutes
continuing to knock on the door. Finally after we left, we called the
Council on Aging to let them know that client did not receive their
meal. It was not until the next week that my grandpa and I found out
the client had passed away the Sunday before our delivery. I did not
get to know the client very well, but I could see the impact her
death had on my grandpa. The clients we come in contact with every
week become a big part of our lives; so much so that I have received
graduation cards from the clients on the routes that are still alive

a volunteer, it brings my heart much joy to see the impact my contact
with the clients have had on them. During the weeks that I cannot
attend the deliveries, my grandpa tells me of the” hello”s I have
received and the “miss you”s that have been said. I never knew
that spending such little time with a person could have such a
lasting impression. Times that I have not spent with the clients, I
have spent thinking about them and thinking about how I could make
their day the next time I see them.

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