Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – What Volunteerism Means To Me

Name: Cassidy Iona Schwoebel
From: Belleville, IL
Grade: 11
School: Belleville Township High School West
Votes: 1

Volunteerism has
become extremely important to me throughout the course of high
school. I’ve joined multiple clubs that do volunteer work because I
can’t seem to get enough. I’ve worked in my local nursing home,
food pantry, and a variety of projects through my clubs. I do at the
least an hour of volunteering each week, but some projects require
much more time. My responsibilities vary, but I am the secretary if
my Interact Club, which is based solely on volunteering. I help to
organize and execute any work presented to the club.

of my biggest challenges as a volunteer is to make sure that I always
make the time to help those in need. In the stress of school and
various jobs, I still find it extremely important to take the time to
give back to the community.

The most satisfying
aspect of volunteering is the appreciation people have for your work.
No matter how simple the assistance is, it never goes
underappreciated. Whether it be playing board games with the elderly,
or making Build-a-bears for Shriner’s hospital, the smiles on their
faces mean more to me than I can express.

I have learned as a volunteer is that a little goes a long way. An
hour of giving back to the community not only helps those in need,
but also provides me with immense joy and pleasure in the fact that I
could make such a great difference in the world by simply providing
my time. Looking forward to all the possibilities that I may
encounter in life, I hope that I will continue to have the ability to

though the career that I wish to pursue is not volunteer-based, I
would love to be able to spend my time outside of work giving back to
my community and in other parts of the world. I am currently doing
research on world-wide volunteer opportunities and considering
volunteering for at least one summer during my time in college. I
love helping those in need and having the ability to foster change in
any area of the world that I can.

is a wonderful opportunity to make friends, memories, and a
difference in the world. I would love if I returned to my sites of
volunteering 30 years later and have it, or the people involved,
still be impacted by what I did. For one volunteer project, my
friends and I helped to set up playground equipment at a shelter.
Even though making a playground may not seem like much of a service,
having the ability to release stress and have fun what you are in a
terrible situation may have changed the perspective of the children
in the shelter. Being able to have positive memories in a negative
situation is enough to make a lasting impact, and I love that
something as simple as giving my time could do that.

put it shortly, volunteering is a passion I love being able to

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