Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Volunteerism, A Way of Life

Name: MacKinzy MacIver
From: Moorhead , Minnesota
Grade: 11
School: Concordia
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A Way of Life

faith encourages me to radiate the heart of a servant. So giving of
myself, i.e. volunteering, is simply a way of life. I have been
taught that there is no greater love than to lay your life down for
another. That does not necessarily mean a physical death, but
certainly putting the needs others before oneself is crucial.
Although I have a desire to help as many people within my community
as possible, my motivation actually began closer to home. My maternal
grandparents are both in their 80’s, and have developed many health
concerns. Between the two of them they have been diagnosed with
things such as; degenerative disk disease, arthritis, trigeminal
neuralgia, and pure autonomic failure to name a few. The compassion I
have for them, and the desire to enhance the quality of their life
has set my lifestyle in motion. Not only do I volunteer within the
medical arena, I am enrolling in a nursing program as my chosen area
of study in College.

the past two years of high school, I have had the good fortune of
being able to complete years of training in the Medical Careers
Program. In addition to eye opening classroom instruction, I have
had the opportunity to shadow doctors and nurses in every field.I
have also had the opportunity to volunteer 8 hour shifts on Saturdays
in the NICU, ICU, and ER rooms. I have done everything from cleaning
bedpans and bathing, to ambulating patients. The toughest thing about
only being a volunteer is wanting to do more! However, I have found
great satisfaction knowing my presence has brought a smile to a
hurting face; especially an elderly patient, by just helping them
keep their dignity as I respectfully shower them with love in the day
to day tasks of caring for them.

have learned that many elderly patients are scared and lonely, and
the best medicine can be a sincere ear to listen or a loving smile.
The aforementioned experiences has led me to obtaining my Certified
Nursing Assistants certificate, so that I might work with the elderly
resident communities prior to leaving for college in the fall.

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