Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – A Volunteers Heart

Name: Maura
From: Plains, PA
Grade: 12th
School: Coughlin
Votes: 0

helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give
out completes the circle and comes back to us.” -Flora Edwards This
quote means more than words can explain to me. Today I’m going to
tell you the story of how volunteering has helped me on my life
journey. Volunteering is truly a beautiful thing, it’s an act we take
on out of the kindness of our heart. A heart of a volunteer is
different than others. We are not in the business for the money, we
are there to see the smile on another’s face, the tears of joy, and
the excitement in others eyes. At a young age I learned how powerful
it is to help others and not just yourself. When I was thirteen years
old I began volunteering at my grandmother’s nursing home. When I was
there I would see people in need of help and i felt it was my duty to
step up to the plate. I will never forget the first tear of joy one
of my patients had as i walked into her room with flowers for her.
She always told me that she had no family and i was willing to not
only help her as a volunteer nurse but be her unbiological family. We
were family with different blood and a different background. Once i
realized how much i impacted just one person’s life I was hooked to
volunteering. I spent most of free time in that nursing home. From
there I moved my way up the ladder and starting volunteering at the
local hospital. In total I volunteered their five years of my life.
The first year was amazing, being able to help others gives you a new
fresh breath of air in life. With amazing times, comes hard struggles
though. Volunteering is not all smiles and happiness. Many times than
not there are days where you want to help someone so bad but there is
nothing more you can do to help. Some days they are crying
uncontrollably and not a single subtle word you say can calm their
emotions of pain or loneliness. Then there are days where you look
around and feel drained because the people around you are drained.
But…. the difference is volunteers do not show their weakness. They
walk around with pride in their eyes and complete their duties to the
fullest ability; this is because the heart of a volunteer is not
weak. They cannot be broken, only cracked and put back together. The
things i learned as a volunteer are things that I will carry
throughout my life, no matter where this journey of a life leads me.
I learned to never judge a book by its cover because you never know
they true story until you start looking. I also learned that even
those who don’t ask for help are the ones who may need it the most.
When I think about forward looking i see how my dedication and
commitment has lead me where I am today. One day i hope to see a
world where people truly want to help one another in this life
because everybody needs guidance at some point. Life does not come
with a handbook on how to live but it does come with kind hearted
people willing to help you through it. In the future i believe there
will be more people like me in the world. One kind smile, one good
soul, and one caring heart can go a long way. In spreading my love
for volunteering i hope to be remembered by the girl who always
cared. The most important thing to me is making a commitment and
making a difference in the lives of others.

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