Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Votunteering

Name: Taylor Leigh Swaim
From: Thomasville, North Carolina
Grade: 12
School: Ledford Senior High School
Votes: 0



Throughout the years, I have participated in my youth group at my church. Once a
month, since I was in sixth grade, we go to the homeless shelter in
Lexington and feed between sixty and one hundred people every time we
go. We will prepare their meal for them the morning before we go and
serve the food to people that show up. We do a lot with feeding
people but we do more than just going to the homeless shelter and
serving food.

For the past summers we take a week of our lives, during the summer, to go and
glean corn. Gleaning corn is when a farmer goes through their
cornfield and collect the corn them can sell to make their profit.
After the farmer goes through and collects what he wants, groups of
people go back through his field and collect the rest that could
still be ate but not sold in stores. Corn, like any food that is
grown, has to meet a certain size. If it does not it gets left behind
and even though it can be ate, no one will ever eat it. This is just
one-way to provide people food for those who may not be able to
afford it. Everyone goes through a rough time and some have it worse
than others do. To continue, we would spend days in Virginia
gleaning corn to feed the people around that area. We surpasses what
they had asked for in Virginia, so they started to give it out to
other places to feed hungry people around the country. I have only
been twice, sadly, but my church only takes high schoolers on this

This past summer had to be my favorite trip my youth has taken that I was lucky enough
to be a part of! We went to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to host a
vacation bible school for a church that could not afford to have one.
I am a little bias because I love doing anything with with kids but
it was so rewarding for more than just the children that attended.
There had to be at least fifty kids that came. We put them into
different age groups and each age group made a different type of art
about God. They did everything from painting a cross for the younger
ones to making a big piece of artwork that was gifted to the church
we were at. The looks on the kids’ faces, as the eek continued was
just remarkable. I have never in my life felt like I did anything
better for anyone! To this day. I would love to go back and do it all
over again.

The way you feel after doing anything for anyone but yourself is the best feeling you
could ever have. I love knowing that no matter your mood, you can go
make someone else’s day better. I love doing anything to help
anyone. I know I may not do it as often as I should or would like to
but I would love for that to change! Volunteering is something
everyone should experience at some point in their life. Better now
than later.

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