Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Why I Do It

Name: Maya Dotson
From: Eugene, Oregon
Grade: 12
School: Marist Catholic High School
Votes: 0

course ran for three weeks but that was more than enough time for
many of Eugene’s homeless population to garner a sense of unity and
scholarship as they listened to a string of college professors for no
charge. University of Oregon professors volunteered their time to
teach sessions on their various areas of studies to groups of
homeless men and women.

I constantly strive to excel in the classroom through hard work and
dedication, organizing and volunteering at this educational annual
seminar is an example of one of the ways I am devoted to not only my
own education but to the education of those around me. Every week I
often volunteer anywhere from 3-5 hours with various organizations.

other week I meet with a group of people to discuss how we can lessen
the amount homeless youth that are forced to survive the danger that
comes with living on the streets. This group is the 15th Night
Initiative. We’re only 2 years old but so far we have developed a
system to connect all of the homeless aide programs in Eugene in
order to provide the most efficient and effective response system.

influential part of my life is girlscouts. I acted as a program aide
at my first camp when I was 12 years old. I helped run games and
activities for younger girl scouts during a weekend-long camp out.

month I go to Gateway mall in Springfield to raise awareness about
human trafficking as part of the Youth Ending Slavery club. This has
taught me patience and perseverance.

that I am president of the National Honor Society, I’ve proposed a
potential community service project in which the school will be
encouraged to gather gently used or new school supplies which we will
send to children around the world who are in desperate need of these
supplies. I have also commandeered smaller, but in no way less
impactful, projects such as clothing drives, bake sales, movie night
fundraisers and food drives.

challenge that I often face when volunteering is finding the time to
participate in every aspect of the community that I want to. I want
to throw myself completely into the work I’m doing for someone or
something but I have to divide my time between my activities.

goal is to not only to help people in the short term but to change
the foundation of their pain so that they will not have to suffer in
the future which is why I’ll be majoring in political science. I
want to work for the people. I want to work with the people. It’s
amazing see people coming together to work towards a better

desire to work is not something that will fade in the future. I will
bring my leadership ability, hunger for community service and diverse
experiences with me wherever I go. I love working with others and
always take the chance to empower those around me.

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