Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Why I volunteer at the hospital?

Name: Aarti U. Patel
From: Bradenton, Florida
Grade: 11th
School: Southeast High School
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I want to volunteer at the hospital?

Community service is very important part of my life because I love brightening
someone’s day and helping others in need. Over the four years I
have volunteered, the most important thing I have learned is
dedicating your time to help others brings compassion into your life.

I started volunteering in the summer of my junior year at Manatee
Memorial Hospital in Bradenton, Florida. I learned about the
volunteer program from my friends at school. I became so interested
because I want to discover the options of what I want to do in life.
The program at the hospital allows me to pick areas of my interest to
volunteer for at least a four-hour shift. We can sometimes do a
double shift which is eight hours. I have done eight hours shifts
before, which are not so bad. I have chosen medical/surgical, which
also is called Observation unit and Physical Therapy. I wanted to
start somewhere small so I could get the hang of what I am supposed
to do as a volunteer. The decisions I made were based upon my
interests and where I could be busier. I have volunteered about 16
hours a week during the past two summers at Manatee Memorial

My responsibilities at the hospital were very important. At the
observation unit, I would answer patient phone calls in case the Unit
Assistant or Patient Care System are busy. Also, I would answer the
phone if the pharmacy or other departments call for a nurse. Another
thing I would do is call central store to pick up something or call
the hostess to get a get a patient food order. My biggest challenge
would be when I cannot give a patient what they want. For example, if
a patient is NPO or nothing by mouth, I cannot give them any food or
drinks until the doctor or nurse gives the order.

Volunteering at the hospital has given me the experience of what I hope doing for
a living. The moment I started volunteering, I did not know if I
should start pursuing the medical field or a different field. The
most satisfying thing about volunteering is it gives me the
opportunity to look beyond my own needs and help others. In my
volunteer position I have learned how to take patients vitals and
accu-cheks (blood sugars). Also, I have learned HIPPA, which prevents
me from discussing patient medical records. I think my interest and
career goals are in alignment with my volunteering focus. However, I
have not exactly figured out what I want to do as my career. I have
not learned enough information about the career field I want to go
into. There is so much information I would like to learn, but that
will take time and schooling. Forward looking means seeing myself
having first-hand experience with the hospital and achieving my goals
in order to be a Physical Therapist Assistant.

Volunteerism as set an example of having respect of the hard work you have done to
help the others. This amazing opportunity has given me the option to
explore my interests and to appreciate what others have done for me.
I would just like to thank Manatee Memorial Hospital for allowing me
to help care for their patients and to be able to work alongside
people I strongly inspire someday to be.

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