Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Youll never know what life might take you

Name: Joshua B Chambers
From: Temple Hills, MD
Grade: 10th
School: Crossland High School
Votes: 1


and Youth”


I was growing and maturing to a young man I am today , the activities
that impacted my life was volunteering in church and helping out in
my community. When I was growing up I was a troubled child , people
say “I didn’t have no future” because of my anger. I would cuss
teachers out , throw desk and not care what the consequences would
be. I look back now , and say I’m disappoint in myself because of
that , I had to repeat a grade. As simple minded I was back then I
didn’t care , I was mad but didn’t really hit me hard so that I can
get my act together.

repeating a grade , I felt disappoint because it was bad enough
people made fun of my birthmark and this would make it worst ,I
thought. So I started off not caring until I went to Avalon
Elementary school everything changed like people wanted me to do
better for my future and myself like caring for my grades and my test
but I didn’t really have that push to be able to do good on test but
I still moved with the flow. Didn’t read enough or study I like how I
should and I used too much excuses because of it. But I had a lot of
friends , that’s how I’ve got the opportunity to repaint a community
center , feed the homeless etc because I was a volunteer at my
church. I worked the cameras at st Stephen’s Baptist Church not to
flatter myself I was pretty good. But I meet a lot of new people and
be able to learn hands on stuff I think it was great. I would go back
if I’m out college or during if miss my friends or the word from the

I was 14 I help out , every sunday for three or four years. On Sunday
I would start at 7:45 in the morning and end at 2 o’clock in the
afternoon. So I be pretty exhausted but I did it because I want to ,
not because I had too. What was hard about it , is that people expect
a lot from me and I was the only camera man there. So that was a lot
of responsibility and pressure for me. But I still push through learn
how to use the technology we got. To make the viewing. But since I
was helping out there. The church don’t want changed. They don’t
provide us with new equipment, so that people is screaming or buy a
DVD would like the quality of it not think is trash but that’s the
only thing I don’t like but everything else is fine like the people

I learn from being there is you can do your best at something and
people can say you’re doing a good job but to the people who’s
watching is that true to them. Maybe in a few years I rather work
with cameras at place like news etc that would value my talent.

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