Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Youth Forward

Name: Kathleen Lynch
From: Erie , PA
Grade: 11
School: Villa
Votes: 0

area in which I have chosen to volunteer is with animals. I chose
this because animals are something that are very dear to my heart,
and I know that people are more prone to volunteer in another area,
so I wanted to help this one. I volunteer about 2 hours per week. I
would love to volunteer more but I am a full time student athlete and
also have a job. My responsibilities include walking the dogs and
helping to clean up around the facility. The biggest challenge I face
as a volunteer is seeing these poor animals in pain and suffering.
The thing that has given me the most satisfaction is the fact that I
can see myself improving the lives of these animals and being a help
to the workers whose livelihoods are present in that field of work. I
think that knowing I am making a difference is the best part about
it. I have learned many things throughout my position but the most
prominent thing is that I have learned the value of hard work. I have
learned that dedication is what makes differences throughout the

toward the future, I see my actions as “forward looking” because
I know that my actions are creating a better future for some lives
somewhere. In my mind, “forward looking” means making a
difference for a better future. I seek to change the careless
treatment of animals through my volunteerism and in my career. When I
grow up, I want to be a Vet. I think that if I were to come back in
many years, my work would make a difference because I know that
because of me somebody breathed a little easier, and that is
something that will always have an impact.

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