Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – Youth Helping Youth

Name: Simeon Theodore Webb
From: Stockbridge , Georgia
Grade: 12th
School: Woodland High school
Votes: 4

Helping Youth

Simeon Webb

When I was younger I was always around my big brother and his friends. I
saw what they did and how they talked and me being an impressionable
younger child I mirrored how I thought I was supposed to behave and
speak. Luckily, I had great role models in my brother and his
friends, but I feel that most kids do not have that in their lives.
That is why I volunteer to help younger kids to give them what my
brother gave to me: a mentor. Last year, my junior year, I was a part
of a mentorship program where, for an hour two days a week, I would
meet with my mentees, who were usually freshmen, and help them with
homework and show them study skills as well as give them advice on
how to survive high school.

Being under this program had immense pressure because these kids were
usually failing three out of seven classes, and had behavior issues.
On the other had there were pressures from superiors insisting that
mentors attend these meetings with the county board of education on
whether the program actually works. It was a lot of new work that I
had not been accustomed too; yet, it felt surreal when one of my
mentees came to me with a 100 on a quiz that they have received. It
felt so satisfying when my mentee would understand a math equation or
complete an assignment on time –it was these encounters that filled
me with emotion to keep up. Being in the position I was gave way to
learning opportunities for me as well.

Mentoring gave me perspective on other people’s abilities in the classroom.
Before mentoring, I would only surround myself with people who were
better equipped than me with the intelligence to survive 4 or more
advance placement classes. Through them I felt that I would become as
smart as them, but after giving my time to those who would struggle I
understood that everything does not make perfect sense to everybody.
Some people just need a little more help with their studies.
Mentoring taught me empathy for my fellow man who needed that extra
push to be an expert in the classroom. My goal with volunteering is
just to give the youth an example of what being purposeful looks

In the future I do not expect the younger kids I have worked with, or
even the freshman in my high school to remember me, but if they do I
wish that I had an impact on their lives. And I hope that what I have
done for them and what they have done for me meant something in the
end. I am a youth and I feel that youth should help the youth
because; the kids are our future.

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