Youth Forward Scholarship 2017 – The youthful impact

Name: Marwa Alansi
From: Mountlake terrece, Washington
Grade: Junior in high school
School: Franklin High School
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a tutor you gain communication, and leadership skills and as someone
who plans to major in Business, more specifically HR Management as
well as Psychology, understanding how to communicate and engage with
others is everything. When I began my high school career I began
tutoring minority, low income, first generation elementary school
students at the local community center. Through the community center
I was able to branch out and take on leadership roles such as being a
head member of their Youth Outreach Program, where I was able to host
motivational, and informative events for the community. Since the
fall of 2015 I have been volunteering as a tutor twice a week for two
hours at a time. My ultimate goal and where I get the most
satisfaction is knowing I am giving back to the community that helped
raise me and has taught me so much about school and life.

assumed that tutoring elementary school students was going to be
easy, but little did I know. Tutoring is more than just teaching
people how to do things like divide and multiply. In order to tutor
you have to know how to interact, keep kids engaged, and keep them
eager to learn. I found myself helpless at times because I did not
realize that although a lot of these kids are in the same grade, they
all learn at different paces, and levels. I found myself acting and
using the same techniques with every student which was not
academically beneficial. Once I realized this challenge of being a
tutor, I was able to fix my mistakes. As I continue to tutor, I have
learned new, better teaching techniques to appeal homework to each
individual student.

as a senior who is about to attend a University, I find myself using
my tutoring experience as forward looking. To me, forward looking is
when you engage in activities you know will help, and/or be
beneficial to you in the future. I know that majoring in a field like
Business, communication is a necessary tool. By tutoring, I am
improving my communication skills because I am interacting with kids,
as well as communicating with my supervisors and other tutors, this
allows me to engage with a spectrum of age ranges.

as a tutor means I am helping many first generation students, as well
as students who have grown up in a setting that has socialized them
to discourage, and mask their potential. Before becoming a tutor, I
did not understand what type of influence tutors have, but I have
come to realize that tutors contribute to the change that is needed
in this world for the youth. There is this degrading stigma that
surrounds people who come from lower income or less fortunate
families, and tutors do not conform to believing in that stigma. As a
tutor your job is to help each individual student academically
flourish despite wherever they may come from. Tutors are there for
the youth during a time in the world where judgments are always made
and insecurities are at an all-time high.  

to the fact that I tutored within my own community, I have the
ability to see a lot of the people I have tutored grow up. In the
next 10, 20, or 30 years, if I were to come back I do believe my
volunteering experience would have made a difference. The only
difference I wish to see is that the students I have tutored believe
in themselves, remain confident and do not conform to what society
tells them they should be. I hope to see them strive, and unlock
their full potential which I know they can do.  

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