Youth Forward Scholarship 2018 – Scholarship Essay

Name: Drayton Harris
From: Royse City, Texas
Grade: dbasball11@yahoo.com
School: dbaseball11@yahoo.com
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I have been playing baseball since I was 3 ½ years old and my mom
taught me to play; so I’ve been playing for almost 15 yrs. now. I
was diagnosed with Dyslexia in the 3
rd grade. I have worked very hard in my classes to overcome my
disability and knew that my success outside of the classroom was on
the baseball field. I joined the Boy Scouts in the 2
grade and over the years I learned many life skills and about camping
and even with my dyslexia challenges I never gave up. When I started
high school in Royse City, I was placed on the Varsity roster as a
freshman and am currently the only four year varsity player on the
team and the starting pitcher. I was blessed with an athletic
ability and have had to work extra hard in the classroom. I was
chosen to be on the Team for Perfect Game All American in San Diego
and was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to compete with the
best of the best in the country. In high school I played travel ball
as well as high school ball and was still involved with my Troop 312
in Royse City. It was very important to me to continue my journey
towards earning my Eagle in Scouting and worked on merit badge
requirements on the road while playing travel ball. My mom was a huge
influence and she helped guide me on my path. She is a strong person
and has raised me by herself and I wanted her to be proud of me.
People told me I would have to choose one or the other and I was
determined to do both. My Mom supported me and said I could do both
if I wanted and I was very determined. During my high school years I
was involved in Tornado Disaster Relief in the DFW Metroplex where I
volunteered 4 hours a day on the weekends for several weekends
helping tornado victims. Feed my Starving Children, where I made
food bags for those less fortunate. I have volunteered at the Royse
City Animal shelter on the weekend washing bedding for the dogs and
walking them Flag Ceremonies at community events, Food Drives. It is
important to me to give back to my community. During my junior year
of high school I was very close to earning my rank of Eagle Scout and
it was time to plan my project. With a lot of thought I knew I had to
combine my love of baseball, community and scouting. I put up a
flagpole and flag at a baseball park in Garland, TX along with a
plaque in honor of two of my favorite coaches. Determined to pass my
board of review I studied very hard and did all I could to prepare.
Learning with a disability is hard but I was not going to allow it to
defeat me. I went before the Board on November 28, 2016 and I passed
and was awarded my rank of Eagle Scout.

During my junior year of high school and travel ball I was scouted by several colleges
and MLB Team Scouts. My dream is to be a professional baseball
player! I achieve my rank of Eagle now I’m pursuing my lifelong
dream of playing pro ball. No one sees my struggles with school when
I step on the field. When I graduate in 2018, I will be the only 4
year varsity player on the team. The field is my happy place away
from my struggles and learning disabilities. I am able to be me,
baseball pitcher.

I committed to Navarro Junior College in August 2017 to play college
ball. This school is had a legendary baseball program and I’m
excited to be a future part of it. In December 2017 I received an
invitation to attend and compete in an MLB showcase in Houston, TX
and I pitched very well. My fast ball is up to 91 mph and I am
currently being scouted by the Giants, Rays, Padres and Oakland A’s.

I could have been a statistic, but the one thing I like about me is
that I am persistent and I don’t allow my disability to choose my

I’m determined to give back to my community and to provide bats, balls,
and gloves to players who may not can afford them. My mom worked
hard to figure out a way to pay for me to play and I want to give
back to those that have the same desire as I was afforded.

God made me who I am and I have learned to appreciate the talent with the
challenges as it makes me who I am.

Four Year Varsity

Eagle Scout

Leader in the Community



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