Youth Forward Scholarship 2018 – Teaching in a Different Perspective

Name: Arshi Kaur Chopra
From: Prospect, KY
Grade: 12
School: Walden High School
Votes: 0

the words of the sixth President of the United States, John Quincy
Adams, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more,
do more and become more, you are a leader.” My repeated actions
that allowed me to lose one hundred pounds through middle and high
school inspired my own family to become healthier. They also inspired
me break out of my shell, and most importantly, become more
empathetic to people facing different challenges in their lives. This
newfound sense of empathy was what propelled me to become a better
leader: I started volunteering first
at school, then in the community and Sikh temple, and also during my
summer vacations when I traveled to India to volunteer.
believe that my experiences volunteering were not only helpful to the
organizations I volunteered for, but also inspiring to those I
interacted with.

My favorite service project was creating a tutoring center for my
school’s elementary, middle, and high school students, where I lead
and inspire my students to discover their learning potential.
discussed each student’s weaknesses with his or her teachers
and parents and developed a curriculum to ensure he or she improved.
Additionally, I helped international students at my school whose
second language is English. I was brought up speaking Punjabi, so I
understood their struggle. I tutored students three or four times a
week before and after school for the passed four years. I learned
that each student has a different way of learning, therefore, my
biggest challenge I encountered was adjusting my teaching method for
students. I used Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences so I
could help students understand the material assigned for homework,
tests, and quizzes. My passion for teaching sprouted from this club;
giving students the power of knowledge gave me a sense of pride and
achievement, so much so that I began to work for a tutoring company
after school.

I also used my leadership and teaching skills to inspire through
dance. After graduating from the Kathak School of Louisville where
students study an Indian classical dance form, I developed a detailed
dance curriculum which includes dance, Hindi language, and history
for underprivileged students. I taught once a week for two hours for
the passed four years. The biggest challenge was relating each dance
step to something each student knew so they could remember the dance
sequence. The biggest satisfaction I received was when they performed
in front of their student body, friends and family. I aspired to
transfer a love of dance, a desire to learn about different
cultures, and discipline to the students.

through service has been a powerful influence in my life. It has
allowed me to inspire and teach others, while also provided me with
my own inspiration. Over the passed four years I have volunteered
2,400 hours. I look forward to continuing my service throughout
college, and beyond, as I continue on my journey to become a better

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