Youth Forward Scholarship 2018 – The Peoples Spirits

Name: Malik Bowman
From: Ellicott City, MD
Grade: 12th
School: Long Reach High School
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The Peoples Spirits

           Community service is something that can be extremely beneficial but there
doesn’t seem to be enough of it. There are many people in our society
that need help and they are often overlooked. No matter what, people
need our help, and if we are able, then we should provide them the
help that they need. For example, my church hosts a Christmas
outreach every year and we give family’s gift cards to different
stores so that they can get what they need to have the best Christmas
possible. After participating in this event for several years now,
I’ve gotten the chance to meet a lot of genuine, humble people who
simply just needed some financial help. Meeting these people has
taught me to be grateful for my life and what I have. I believe that
if everyone in the country conducted some type of community service,
then they would be humbled too.

If I you couldn’t tell what I’m passionate about, it’s lessening
the amount of poverty in our world. I would say I volunteer about
10-20 hours in a month at my church or my local homeless shelter.
Wherever it is, I usually give out food or resources to the people in
need. It can be difficult seeing people in the state they’re in but
I feel good knowing that I just made their life a little better than
it was before they came. I learned that there are so many people that
need our help and just a little help can go a long way. Forward
looking to me is seeing how your efforts impact the society years
from now. I see my efforts completely changings people’s lives in
the future. In 10-30 years I would hope to see those once homeless
people, now owning their own business and living in a single family

Community service is great but sometimes there is a lack of funding and
materials. If I had access to unlimited resources, I would create the
world’s largest homeless shelter. Poverty and homelessness is one of
the biggest issues in our society today, so creating the world’s
largest homeless shelter would greatly combat this issue. I would
make the shelter bigger than an airport and give them access to all
the food, water, shelter, clothing and entertainment available. By
the end of this project, my goal is for homelessness and poverty to
be eliminated as a whole. Throughout this whole process, I would also
benefit from this mentally. I would get to meet so many special
people and become more enriched while doing it. Community Service can
provide an abundance of valuable experiences that can’t really be
found elsewhere.

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