Youth Forward Scholarship 2018 – Using My Passion to Serve Those in Need

Name: Camryn Clune
From: Williamsville, NY
Grade: 12th
School: Christian Central Academy
Votes: 22

Camryn Clune

Youth Forward Scholarship Essay

February 19, 2018

Ronald Reagan once said, “We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone.” That is a
motto I hold true to my heart. Throughout my life, I have dedicated
thousands of hours volunteering, helping others and encouraging
others to do so as well.

I have served in homeless shelters by cleaning and serving meals, collected clothing for the
needy, delivered meals to the homebound, and even spent time with the
elderly at nursing homes. I dress up as popular childhood characters
and cheer up sick children. As a vocalist, I proudly lend my voice to
hundreds of organizations that request me to sing the National
Anthem. Service was always a passion of mine.

However, when I was just eight years old, I discovered another passion of mine that changed my life
forever. I had a strong affection for music. I loved to sing, play
piano, dance and act. I loved performing and I seemingly could never
get enough of it.

My family embraced my passion and helped facilitate my desire to help others through the performing
arts. At age 8, I founded an organization called Backyard Broadway
which over the past nine years, has used performance art to raise
over $50,000 for families affected by pediatric cancer.

As the founder of the organization, I have many responsibilities that intensify as I grow
older and the organization broadens. I assemble performers for each
event, decide on themes and locations, write scripts, produce music,
coordinate musicians, choreograph numbers, arrange stage, lighting,
and sound, solicit donations, sell tickets, coordinate raffles,
market the event, create programs, write press releases, etc. The
duties are endless. I have spent well over 2,000 hours on this

However, the most important duty I have is not to manage the details and accomplish the tasks at
hand. My main duty is to LEAD. Backyard Broadway’s motto has
always been “To help children and families in need while inspiring
others to do the same.” It is imperative that helping others
remains everyone’s primary focus. My satisfaction is not about
being in the limelight, it is about using my talents to serve those
who need. Knowing that I have used my passions to financially help a
family so that they can spend more time with their ill child is worth
every minute of my time. Cultivating this philosophy within such a
large group of people can be a challenge. I must encourage others to
stay humble, model selflessness, focus on those that we are helping.

Through my experience humbly serving, leading and encouraging others, I have gained great
understanding how to handle difficulties, communicate effectively,
coordinate resources, and accomplish goals. Performing Arts can be
an amazing and unique way to help and inspire people! I am excited to
enrich my talents through my college education. I know it will
enhance my ability to serve and lead others. I hope I can inspire
others to use their talents to do the same!

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