Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – A Better Tomorrow

Name: Kristen Huntley
From: mission viejo, ca
Grade: college freshman
School: saddleback college
Votes: 85

Better Tomorrow

Kristen Huntley

is an activity most individuals take part in every day. Many people
get behind the wheel, and just decide that they are superior drivers.
They do this without ever taking the steps to become a better driver.
Going to driving school and putting in effort to learn how to do it
correctly, can help keep the roads safer and prevent deaths. The
difference between a person starting to drive and a person who has
been driving is experience. The person who is driving has had time to
learn and has taken the time to understand driving. As you drive,
people develop skills and slowly understand when the correct time to
brake is, or how long it truly takes to change lanes and so forth.
There are certain safeties that only come from the experience. While
actually driving steps that can be taken include, being aware of
surroundings. You can also stop at red lights and be aware of other
cars around you. If you see someone swerving or driving badly, notify
authority promptly. I have totaled a car, and my brother has been in
a bad accident resulting him in slight brain damage and being in a
coma for a couple months. My brother was being extremely unsafe. He
was speeding on city roads and he is even believed to have been under
the influence. His poor choices led to brain damage and now he has
trouble maintaining even a job. His speech can be messed up at times
and his headaches are constant. These effects could have been avoided
by simply driving safer. Driving under the influence is never okay
and puts the drivers and passerbyers at risk. Speeding is also rather
dangerous. Cars come out of nowhere all the time, also the speed
limit is there to equip cars with a speed the law has decided is
safe. Personally, I can be aware of the speed limit, and always wear
my seatbelt. These are only a few of the ways I can drive safer.
Others include, looking both ways before turning right, and
understanding the various rules while driving are important as well.

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