Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – A better way to drive

Name: devante henry
From: north miami, FL
Grade: college freshman
School: johnson & wales university
Votes: 0

Driving is fun and once you
get it its easy to do. It’s that complicated, just gas and brake.
That is where we tend to go wrong when it comes to driving. though
it’s a relatively easy task, it is much more complex and dangerous,
than just pressing gas or brake. Driving safely includes factors such
as watching out for cars behind, in front, to the left and right,
aware of your speed limit etc. all these factors contribute to
driving safely and responsibly on the road. It is very deadly to have
a divided focus on the road, and I know that personally, because I
remember a time when I said, “I would never text and drive,” but
when i got behind the wheel and thought, this isn’t hard to do, and
I can obviously still see and know what’s going on. That assumption
is where I went wrong. It took me almost running into another car to
remember that vow I made, and to realize that its not worth dying
over. Every day I take steps to ensure I overcome the urge to pick up
the phone. Those steps include, making sure you tell whoever your
talking to that your about to drive, turning your phone off while
driving, putting it into your pocket where you won’t be able to
reach it, pulling off the road if it’s that important, obey the
speed limit, and constantly remind yourself that it is not worth it
to drive while distracted. All these are solutions into being a more
aware and safe driving reducing any chance of ending up in a fatal
accident. The steps taken to reduce the death toll are not the only
important aspect of being a safe driver. Most people don’t ever
realize the lack of driver education, especially amongst youths.
Driver education is critical for every driver to know. Educating
people on the reckless and dangerous actions that has caused
thousands to lose their lives, will help people see that they need to
be more careful and vigilant when there driving. Driving education
plays the role of awareness and educating drivers about the do’s
and don’ts of driving, helping them avoid those same mistakes by
teaching about past ones and how they could have been prevented.
Thus, reducing the chances of more deaths caused by unsafe driving.

myself have been in a position where I was only seconds away of being
in and accident that could have been fatal. My cousin and I where
driving home, we were is Cleveland and it started and was over in
about ten seconds, he was going about 15 over the 75 per speed limit
and crossed in a lane the same time another car was doing the same,
we were so close that I thought “this was going to be it,” but
luckily enough he ended up passing the car saving us both, even to
this day I don’t know if he ever realized what could have happened.

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