A Driver’s Responsibility

Name: Rylie Schoch
From: Marion Center, Pennsylvania
Votes: 4

Driver’s Responsibility

are so many rules people are expected to follow while they are
driving. All of them can be a nuisance and some seem pointless but
really they are essential to keep everyone on the road safe. When
someone is driving they are not only responsible for their own
safety, but all of the other drivers and passengers around them.

law that pertains to driving etiquette is there for a reason. Some of
the most important ones are the ignored – driving without
distraction, not driving under the influence, or

to the speed limit – and because of this they are also the leading
causes of car accidents respectively. Distractions doesn’t just
mean cellphone’s either, eating, drinking, or even changing the
radio station can be considered a distraction. If someone were to
take their eye off the road at highway speeds for three seconds, the
length of a football field would have passed by. Even if we can’t
avoid an accident, one simple action can help avoid death – buckle
up. Not only the driver, but also all of the passengers should were
seatbelts, even if it is technically legal for them not to. It will
save lives and should not be underrated as an unnecessary precaution.

the purpose of each driving regulation might encourage others to take
the rules more seriously. Having learning drivers take a driver’s
education course is the best way to learn the safest driving habits
and it will be engrained in their minds from early on. A class may
sound boring but it could save lives later on, not to mention some of
the insurance benefits that one can receive for completing the
course. Some even offer the opportunity of behind the wheel time.
Both will familiarize drivers with subjects from the laws and their
penalties to types of signs to how to take care of your vehicle
preparing someone for any situation they might encounter while on the

know I can be a safe driver too. The problem most of my generation
faces is staying off their phones and fortunately, now most of them
have a driving mode putting all notifications on hold and replying to
any text or call with a message that the owner is driving. When going
out of state I can check for changes in driving laws; things such as
right on reds vary from state to state. Other can improve too; to see
how one could just take a mock permit test and see if they pass. It
is important to make an effort to keep the road a safe place and know
how to.

on the road is a serious matter because reckless driving doesn’t
just threaten the driver’s life, but all of the people they share
the road with. Teach young drivers to be safe with classes and know
where and how to improve yourself. Automobile accidents don’t have
to be common if everyone takes some responsibility.