Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow

Name: Jordan Crates
From: Bowling Green, Ohio
Grade: High School Senior
School: Bowling Green State University
Votes: 22


Jordan Crates

Today, Alive Tomorrow

Safe driving is an important
discussion that needs to be brought up more. Today’s generations
are unaware of the risks they are taking when they are using unsafe
habits behind the wheel. By knowing the statistics and risks of
unsafe driving, it could not only save your own life but countless
other lives as well. If some people only knew the dangers unsafe
driving, they wouldn’t be putting lives in harm’s way.

are multiple steps that can be taken to avoid deaths relating to
driving. Some of those steps including but not limited to: not using
one’s phone while behind the wheel, be aware of one’s
surroundings, keep in mind the speed limit on the road one is on, and
using all necessary road safety rules. If one is aware of the actions
they are making while on the road, then they can be saving countless

it comes to safe driving to me, I do practice most safe driving tips.
I do not text and drive, I am aware of most of my surroundings, and I
follow most road safety rules. I do however tend to stray from paying
attention to all things, I sometimes forget my turn signals, and I
will occasionally go over the speed limit. I know by saying these
things while writing this essay, I could be the driver that puts
other lives at stake. I have been in the car of family members and/or
friends who have texted while driving, gone various speeds above the
limit, and have conducted many other distractions while being behind
the wheel. I am periodically aware that my life could be in danger
but I just focus on getting to the destination.

I hope to diminish my own distractions on the road and I hope to be
the safest driver that I can be. Another action that I can do to
protect those around me is spreading the word of driver safety. While
being in the car with others who are distracted, I can lecture them
on the dangers they are committing in hopes of them ending the
distraction. By spreading the concern and want for safe driving, we
all can only hope that the number of lives lost to incidents related
to driving can decrease.

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