Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Behind the wheel

Name: Rachel J. Carbajal Palacios
From: Orlando, Florida
Grade: 9th grade
School: Lake Nona High School
Votes: 0

the wheel

of the world uses vehicles as a mode of transportation everyday.
Everyday, someone gets behind the wheel and gets ready for the
responsibility of driving. Although, there are times when people
don’t realize what it means to be behind the wheel and consequently
make negligent decisions which lead to fatal consequences. It is
highly important that before one is given a driver’s license, they
are properly taught how to be a responsible driver. Learning to drive
is knowledge, therefore it’s power, which in fact means it comes
with great responsibility.

number of death by driving could be reduced if the public is educated
adequately and takes the precautions of safe driving. One must obey
the laws and know the rules of the road before they get on the
driver’s seat. My uncle was a safe driver; always attentive to the
rules, laws and the lives he could impact if he wasn’t careful
enough. The problem was that although he practiced safe driving, not
everyone is responsible when the life of others are in their hands.
He was about to make a turn when another car out of control went
straight his way and crashed straight into him, crushing everything.
This was a situation out of our hands, but could have been prevented
if people would simply take the responsibility into their hands.

have safe roads, it is important to follow the rules and to truly
know how to drive. The simplest solution is the best one; people
should learn how to drive by following all of the rules and the law.
Then, one must take the responsibility of being a safe driver
seriously. Not only is your life in your hands, but also the life of
others. Once behind the wheel, there should only be one path; one
where you are a responsible driver who cares for the impact you could
have in the roads of other people’s lives as well as your own.

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