Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – BEING A RESPONSIBLE DRIVER

Name: Soumitra Das
From: Delhi, Delhi
Grade: 12
School: D. A. V. Public School, Shreshtha Vihar
Votes: 25


and injuries resulting from road traffic crashes is a serious problem
globally. In this motorized world the health concern of people are
neglected to some extent. Whether it is a developing country or a
developed nation the assurance of human life is given nowhere. The
Global Status Report on road safety 2018 which was launched by WHO in
December, 2018, highlights that the number of annual road traffic
deaths has reached 1.35 million and cause up to 50 million injuries
each year. Road traffic injuries has emerged as the leading killer of
people aged 5-29 years, that signals a need to shift the current
child health agenda, which has largely neglected road safety. It is
the 8
leading cause of death for all age groups even surpassing HIV/AIDS,
tuberculosis and diarrhoeal diseases.

are many reasons for this trend: rapid urbanization, poor safety
standards, lack of enforcement, people driving distracted or
fatigued, others under the influence of drugs and alcohols, speeding
and a failure to wear seat-belts or helmets. But these are just some
of the aspects of the grave obstacle. The losses faced due to these
iterations take a huge toll on families and communities. The cost of
emergency response, health care and human grief is immense.

correct education and awareness is required to minimise the undesired
consequences. Driver’s education not only teaches how to be safe,
but it has proved to be important for a better society. Teaching laws
is one of the aspects of the education, where it becomes necessary
for the individual to be aware of government enforcements while
operating a vehicle. Time is changing, so are laws, today most of the
nations in this world have taken steps to diminish the evil of road
tragedies. Many countries have upgraded their laws in many regions
like drink-driving laws, motorcycle helmet use, seat-belt use, child
restraint use, drug driving. Less progress has been made on adopting
best practice on speed limits, despite the importance of speed as a
major cause of death and serious injury. But still laws are needed to
be expanded to accommodate the community and greater punishment
should be given to the accused. Moving on to the next division of
driver’s education, i.e. safety on roads, which is an obvious and
ultimate goal of the mission. Safety standards of a country includes
technology, resources, skill and knowledge, responsibility as an
individual are need to be viewed once again. Just guaranteeing safety
doesn’t secure lives but following the rules is a major challenge.
Awareness among the masses regarding laws and educating the commons
is obligatory.

education is required to not only save people from road tragedies but
also focuses on easing their life. It enhances one’s understanding
of situation and also dictates the person how to react in such
circumstances. I am very familiar with such occurrences. My father
and grandfather both had once suffered a tragic motorcycle accident,
where they were hit by a car from derriere. It was so instantaneous
that they couldn’t do anything. My father’s knee was seriously
injured and my grandfather had to rest on hospital bed for over a
month. The accident could have been more fatal but fortunately they
survived. The main cause was found out to be excessive speeding and
break failure.

it’s never too late to make things right, with the right
initiatives and effective methods road accidents can be curbed.
However, we have to keep in mind that the steps we take will only be
effective only when people are ready to oblige to them. So first and
foremost duty is to make people aware of their responsibility, to
train them in such a manner that they can be vigilant themselves and
don’t promote others to trek a wrong path. Then the second step is
to deduce new laws and amending the old ones. Making new laws is
necessary as with time technology advances so do the vehicles and so
do people. Hence new laws for ‘new people’. The third step should
be limiting the minimum driving age. Most of the teens, who are below
the legal age are guilty of driving without consensus. In peer
pressure or in the influence of alcohol and narcotics at a young age
many of them meet mishaps. For such an act, in case of any incident
their family, victims, victim’s family, their friends have to
suffer. Upgrading the infrastructure is a great way by making service
roads and other side roads for pedestrians and cyclists. Strict
surveillance is also required that no one misuses the side roads.
Most important of all but not the least each country should limit the
driving speed according to demography. Places of high population
should have reduced speed of vehicles.

can I contribute to road safety as an individual! Honestly an
individual is always a part of society so he/she should be attentive
enough to know what is happening around. Keeping eye and ears opened
is a great way for one’s own safety and helping others. Convincing
oneself and others is important. Road traffic crashes are not
“accidents”. They are completely preventable. Road safety is no
joke, it is a privilege many don’t get. Person has to be mature and
responsible to drive safely.

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