Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Commitment for volunteerism

Name: Zohra Nausheen
From: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Grade: 12
School: Pioneer High School
Votes: 0

an exchange student from India, coming and studying in America was a
great experience for me and I want to complete my higher college
studies from here too. Belonging from a populous country I never got
an opportunity to do volunteer work before. But since I have come to
America, I have completed more than 50+ hours of volunteering and
community service in 5 months.

voices is a non-governmental organization in America that endeavors
to bring hope and healing to young victims of abuse, neglect,
violence, addiction, and human trafficking. I make handmade cards
which are sold for charity and the money is funded to the
organization. I hope my small acts brought a difference in somebody’s
life. In my Health Science class, we visit hospitals four days a
week, two hours per day. We work in different departments with
patients, nurses, and doctors. Apart from regular class hours I also
volunteer in the hospitals on weekends and holidays. Aspiring to have
a career in the medical field, I get to learn a lot as well as serve
at the same time. I also did volunteer work in a Meditation Center
for the new year by doing the decoration work. For Thanksgiving and
Christmas, having never celebrated either of the two festivals, I
helped decorate Christmas trees in Public Holiday Display in Ann
Arbor. I volunteered in thrift shops and book depository too. I was
at the exchange student information table at Pioneer High School,
introducing people to exchange programs and scholarships. The best
part of these services I like is that it brings diverse people
together and gives us a chance to give back. It makes me realize my
ability, responsibility and that I can make a difference. Every
person counts!

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