Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Dear Driver…

Name: Sky Cunanan
From: Las Vegas, NV
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Dear Driver,

Whose life you have
taken away from me, whose life you so carelessly forgotten. It’s
me, one of the 34,000 souls that were stolen. I’m back and still
crying for help. That loud thump that you heard, the crunch, that
wasn’t just some branch.

And so here I am,
standing with thousands, screaming for the injustice, the uninformed,
and YOU, the common driver. The change we seek is simple and the
statistics are staggering. We see that the importance of drivers
education as foundational to everyone’s safety. Basic knowledge of
traffic laws and vehicle operations can make a difference in saving
somebody’s life. Reducing driver related deaths Today, the world
is changing and we see that. Technology is making everything go
faster and the time that it takes to be informed isn’t of utmost
importance. Time is a luxury most can’t afford, and it’s making
everyday out in the road feel like rush hour.. This fast-paced
lifestyle has made it so that we are complacent to the ever growing
fatalities that kill people like me. But it only takes a second to
reach that brake pedal, it takes a glance to read a law, and it takes
your care to be aware.

I was on the news
that night. All my friends and family were watching. It was my 15
seconds of fame and I was going to make the most of it. The camera
panned out to me, me and my lifeless body covered with a white sheet.
But never once did the t.v. ever show the driver. Here in America, we
must stand united we must take the right steps in making a
difference. For those who get behind the wheel all we ask of you is
to be aware and take the necessary steps. Whether it be slowing down,
putting away your phone, or just paying attention to the road, these
steps can educate the practical person to stay safe.



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