Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Drive Safe Somebody Needs You Here !

Name: Talia McDowell
From: Lanham, Maryland
Grade: 11th
School: DuVal Senior Highschool
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The importance of
driver’s education is because young drivers who have not completed
driver’s education are 75 percent more likely to get a traffic
ticket, 24 percent more likely to be involved in a fatal or injury
accident and 16 percent more likely to have an accident, the study

Those findings challenge more than three decades of
assumptions about the value of driver’s education. After an early
1980s study that questioned the effectiveness of driver’s education
classes, many states quit paying for those programs. Some insurance
companies discontinued offering premium discounts for driver’s

The steps to be
taken toward less death injuries is (1)- Keep your vehicle in
top condition
– The better the condition of your vehicle and
the position of your body and your mirrors within the car will give
you more control when driving.
(2)-Anticipate the actions of
– Many drivers often act without thinking or
communicating, so you must learn to search for clues.
steps to protect yourself and others
– Wearing your seatbelt
can save you and your passengers from death or serious injury.
Turning on your low-beam headlights at all times, even during the day
reduces risk by increasing the ability of others to see you.

(4)-Drive only when you are in sound physical and mental
– Check yourself to make sure you feel alert and
clear headed.
(5)-Make a conscious effort to develop your
driving skills
-Just because you have your license doesn’t
mean you shouldn’t stop learning. The more you take driving
seriously, the better driver you will become.

I have been in a
horrible car accident once before and it’s a difficult thought to
forget. I use to be really afraid to ride in the car with anybody I
traveled with. It was frightful to the point where sometimes I
wouldn’t sleep on long road trips, I would stay awake and watch the
road as if I was driving.

A way I would help
others drive safer on the roads is to tell them to stay calm, focus &
space yourself out. Staying calm at all times, despite mistakes other
drivers make, is a fantastic way to improve how safely we drive. It
sounds straightforward but making sure you stay focused all the time
is the best way to avoid collisions. Ensuring there is enough
stopping distance between your vehicle and the one in front is

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