Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Driving Blind

Name: Cecely Aparicio-Reyes
From: Silver Spring, MD
Grade: 12
School: Paint Branch High School
Votes: 279

is a privilege. A privilege that young teens thrive to undertake. One
that the rising junior hopes to obtain in order to take his date to
prom. One that the scandalous girl constantly begs for in order to
stay up all night at the best friend’s party. Yet, she tries to
walk to her car but, she is too drunk. She gets in the car denying
her state of mind. She. Becomes a danger to the lives around. Most
girls and boys become reckless on the road disrespecting the drastic
safety measures given by the MVA. This causes victims to arise

MVA does everything in their power in order to assure safety. They
establish diving classes for the recent permit holders. They risk
their own lives allowing for these drivers to take two hour classes
behind the wheel. None of these assuring, 100 percent, that the roads
will be safe. But, driving education does instruct many to be aware
of their surroundings, get a good night sleep before driving, and
even screams the importance of NEVER getting behind a wheel when

Two days
ago, I witnessed a horrifying car accident. I was coming home from
work and I see a black jeep racing as he merges into a one-way road,
not stopping to look around for any upcoming cars. His blank response
causes him to fiercely smash into a small gray-green Toyota flipping
the car into the air. It was a movie flip. The car’s wheels were
facing the sky. The lady inside in shock moving no muscle. The pale
boy waving his hands frightened for the traumatizing event. I could
say he was about my age, 17. At that moment, I felt for both. I could
feel my blood rushing to my brain as I was upside down in the little
Toyota. I could feel my heart racing inside my chest as I cried in
fear for the life in the car. Could this have been avoided?

new drivers rush to get behind a wheel but, many don’t care for the
precautions established to ensure to safety of everyone. To reduce
serious life threatening injuries, long term injuries, and even death
certain steps should be taken. Most have heard this a hundred of
times. One should look both ways, for other cars and pedestrians,
before making a turn, merging, and/or backing up. One should never
drive while intoxicated, panicked/nervous, tired, and/or unable to
keep their eyes open. This can help save a life.

I say DON’T drive blind. We can take an extra second to look around
and maybe that second could save the life of a little girl racing
across the street for her ball. The life of an elder crossing the
street to catch the bus. Driving can’t be done blind. Driving can’t
be done with eyes closed. So, I say open your eyes. Open the sight
granted, a tool that can save hundreds of lives.

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