Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Driving Cautiously

Name: Lauren Delgado
From: Phoenix, Arizona
Grade: College Freshman
School: Grand Canyon University
Votes: 0

people do not seem to grasp the concept of safe driving. This goes
for both teenagers and adults. Fatalities due to reckless and unsafe
driving are becoming too common. Many drivers get behind the wheel
without even thinking about what can happen, not necessarily because
of their driving, but also from the driving habits of others. Some
steps that can help to reduce the number of driving related deaths
include being aware of your surroundings and driving defensively. Two
huge issues that contribute to deaths related to driving are driving
under the influence and using a cell phone while driving. The number
one cause of fatal car accidents and deaths is driving under the
influence, whether it be alcohol or drugs. Too many families are left
broken because of this. If people went out drinking with a plan for a
responsible way to get home, this could be drastically reduced. Cell
phones were another issue. This seems to be more of an issue with
teens and young adults. If they did not have such an urge to check
social media and text messages while behind the wheel, this would
also reduce the number of car accidents. Another huge impact to help
improve driving is speed. Many drivers are always in such a rush to
get to their destinations, they often exceed the posted speed limit.
In my opinion, people are often late to their obligations because of
their poor time management which then causes them to feel the need to
speed. If they’d take the time to wake up a little earlier or leave
their houses a little earlier, this could reduce the amount of
speeding accidents. I have never personally experienced being in a
car accident, nor do I know anybody else who has been either. I am
far from a perfect driver, but I do believe I can better my driving
my reducing my road rage.

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